My neurologist told me two weeks ago that I was to stay rested and confined and I am only allowed to use 1 neuron a day. I decided to grab all the books on shamanism in my library at the Hermitage and slowly learn more about shamanic practices. I am fascinated with the concept of “soul retrieval.” The shaman believe when we are abused, have an accident, experience a divorce or any trauma, part of our soul splits off into another realm. As we grow up we don’t know that a part of our soul is missing but we feel as if something is not right and we have an emptiness or we suffer. We begin to fill this emptiness, sadness or hole in us with busyness, alcohol, addictions or habits. A shaman joins the patient and goes into another realm and helps the person retrieve the lost parts of her soul that has splintered off or left in the trauma. I have done counseling and been a spiritual director for over 20 years. Psychotherapy is wonderful and I can first hand attest to its healing power. But there is something still missing no matter how much therapy I had. When one looses parts of oneself through violence, accidents and separations, parts of the soul does erode, I believe. I love this concept of “soul retrieval and am going to pursue this realm of healing.”

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