Breaking news: another U.S. politician admits to being unfaithful to his wife. This time, South Carolina GOP Governor Mark Sanford was the culprit, who told staff members that he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail over Father's Day weekend when he was actually visiting his long-term mistress in Argentina.

In a nationally televised conference, the governor admits in near-tears that he has broken "God's laws" and has hurt a lot of people. Meanwhile, Twitter users across the nation make creatively snarky remarks about this recent political scandal in less than 140 characters.

This is not the time to wag our fingers and shake our heads at yet another philandering politician.

Instead, consider this latest news item as an opportunity to consider other social possibilities of political scandal.

Imagine the day when a homosexual politician publicly admits to cheating on his or her legally married spouse. If straight politicians can have sordid affairs in spite of their marriages, shouldn't gay politicians have that same privilege of power as well?

Imagine the day when politicians who aren't married or choose not to have children have the same chance of public acceptance as a politician who is married with children. Why the negative bias against the single folk who just want to date around without pulling the wool over anybody's eyes?

Imagine the day when a female politician publicly admits to having an affair with a male Argentinian lover during Mother's Day weekend. Wouldn't that be kind of hot?

I am extremely disappointed in the Mark Sanford fiasco, but for purely aesthetic reasons. I want to see more diversity represented when our U.S. politicians cheat.

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