Spa/ Salon Training #1 -Customer Service is a key focus to make your Beauty Business succeed. But, What does customer service really mean for your business? Think about Customer Service.

Q & A Goals to develop customer service.

a.) Are all of your employees truly on the same page delivering great customer service everyday?

b.) Shouldn't they sign a Customer Service contract with clearly defined goals and commitments to perform beyond expectations?

c.) Customer Service answers the ultimate question, "Why your Spa?"

Utilize an online professional training partner because it further emphasizes interactive recommendations to better promote the uniqueness of your Spa/ Salon. Your Spa & Beauty Salon will increase its customer loyalty and relationships through improving customer service. When incorporating the recommendations, your Beauty Business will learn how to utilize merchandising elements such as samples, testers and brochures to plan and drive events to further customer service.

Knowing the profile for your customer builds profits because providing the experience that matches your client's profile makes customer service happen.

Customer Profiles that support and promote Customer Service:

Profile #1, The Bare-bones Girl -used to a simple routine. -wants to throw it on and go. -needs a basic at-home-spa that produces results.

Profile #2, Sophisticated Woman -likes to be pampered. -has specific concerns and routine. -likes special care products that match her concerns.

Profile #3, Trendy Fashionista -wants the latest and greatest. -needs to be in the 'know'. -show her something that she doesn't own.

Spa/ Salon Training #2 -Client Management is an essential business programme that moves your Spa & Beauty Salon forward more profitably. Client Management must represent a core value for your business. The active practice of Client Management ensures the doors for your business are always open.

Pay attention, Basic Client Management, #101!

-Establish and monitor a client card filing system.

-Update on a regular basis. Remember to include customer e-mails.

-Follow-up with clients, thank you notes, customer care calls and product replenishment calls.

Client Management,"The next level"

The next level of Client Management is truly the Money Making Mode that will focus your Spa/ Salon's attention to reach the deepest reservoir of loyal clients. All Clients can maximally build and recruit continual business for your Spa/ Salon. This next level requires planning and determining your best clients and how to make them better.

The Client Management concept must encourage and cater to your clients so they involve their circle of friends to patron your Spa. This is the word of mouth buzz your Spa is seeking!

The "Word of mouth" goal for your Spa & Beauty Salon is accomplished through promotional events that focus new services, exclusive products and special themes unique to your business. Additional trainings and event planning work hand and hand to support your complete menu of services and catalog of take home products.

The Top 10 List for Client Management introduces result based Q & A ideas to develop and recruit your customer base. A cooperative range of information about Client Management will explain how to begin staging events that promote your Spa & Beauty Salon business. Targeting new and current customers will further your profit goals and manages your clients toward the “next level”. Events and special promotions maximize your bottom line.

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Scotty Ferrell is a sales training specialist that has successfully sold at "Beauty International Dusseldorf 2005 & 2006". He is a renowned beauty consultant performing trainings and sales events at Beauty Salons & Spas across the USA. is proud to have Scotty Ferrell as its CEO and offers his
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