Spirit Airline ++1(818) 337--2383 Customer Service Number

Spirit Airlines Booking Phone Number

Spirit is a well-known flight service known for its world-class service. It offers traveler's best-in-class services to reach their destinations. With headquarter in Minneapolis, Mendota Heights, Spirit Airlines flies to sunny destinations in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. If you want to book a ticket with Spirit, visit the Spirit official website or just call the booking agents directly. Spirit Airlines Flight Reservations Phone Number (818) 337-2383


How to contact Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can contact the Spirit Airlines by calling their customer support number or their flight booking number. Forgetting resolutions to their queries, Spirit customer needs to get quick assistance from Spirit Airlines Customer Service. The support service is free of cost and is available round the clock throughout the year. You can dial the number whenever you feel the need for technical support. The best customer support service is available at your fingertips. You just need to get connected with them. Expert advice is very important if you are unable to fix any issue on your own. Thus you need to take expert advice through the toll-free customer support number.

How to make Online Flight Reservation with Spirit Airlines?

People want to spend less time to reach their destination and even with comfort. This is the reason the booking of flights has increased rapidly. You can book Spirit Airlines online in few easy steps. Booking is easy and takes about 4-5 minutes. You can also call Spirit Airlines Reservation Number to get your booking done.

  • Open Spirit Airlines' official website.
  • Log in to your Spirit Airlines account.
  • Enter the source and destination.
  • Choose your journey date and class.
  • Enter a number of travelers.
  • Click on the “Search for Flights” option.
  • Now from the list of available flights, choose one that suits you best to you and your travel requirement.
  • Enter the traveler’s details and then proceed to payment.
  • Make payment using any of the payment methods.
  • Once the payment is done, you will get a confirmation message for your flight booking on your registered mobile number as well as on your email address.

How to contact Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can call on Spirit Airlines Booking Phone Number to book their flight tickets easily. The booking executives are ready round the clock to take your calls and assist you in your booking requirement. You get information about the running deals and available discount offers if applicable. The booking support team works 24/7 so as passengers booking their flight tickets can get their booking comfortably. However, there are other options to book a flight ticket with Spirit like through online mode by visiting the website, or by visiting the kiosk. But booking through the Spirit Airlines Phone Number gives you an easy and effective way to get your tickets booked in minutes.


How do I Contact Spirit Airlines?

Looking to get in touch with Spirit Airlines? You should employ the official methods that are given on its website. Spirit is the low-priced airline of the USA that provides services at various locations. It is popular among both holidaymakers and long-term travelers to use the cheap flight service.

You can easily establish a secure and quick connection with Spirit Customer Service through the phone number. Through this method, you can get the expert assistance that you need to resolve any of your issues.

Contact Spirit Airlines through the Phone Number

If you want to connect with the customer service of Spirit Airlines (818) 337-2383, then use the phone number for this purpose. It will enable you to connect with customer support quickly and effectively. Here, you should make use of the following steps:

  • First of all, launch the official online portal of Spirit airlines through the web browser.

  • With this step, you will redirect on the homepage where you need to click on the help option.

  • Go to the contact us page and obtain the Spirit Phone Number +1(818) 337-2383.

  • Use it to call the Spirit airlines live person at and dial it to connect with the Spirit live person. 

Contact Spirit Airlines through Live Chat

Talking about the Spirit Airlines customer service, live chat to contact it. If you are employing this method, then you will receive virtual assistance through the live chat method. You can easily access the live person and use it to obtain assistance with the following steps:

  • In the first place, you are required to visit the official Spirit Airlines site.

  • After this, you should move to the Contact Us page to connect the Spirit customer service.

  • Here, you need to select the live chat option for talking to get the Spirit online agents.

  • Once the process starts, then you need to type in your query and seek for its resolution.

Contact Spirit Airlines through Email Address

Along with the calling and chatting, you can also use the email method to contact the Spirit airlines. With this method, you will become eligible to get answers to your queries from the Spirit Customer Service. Here, employ the following process to get the email address and use it wisely:

 In the beginning, you should visit the Spirit Airlines website to use its internet browser.

  • Move to the homepage and choose the contact us option there to get more options of reaching out to the official support.

  • On this page, get the email address and create an email by clearly resolving your issue.

  • Now, you need to send the official mail to the customer service and get the reply to fix the problem.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service

If you are puzzled to use, how do I contact Spirit through email? Then, you could use the official phone number. This service is generally available 24/7 and considered the quickest method to contact Spirit.To clear your doubts regarding the Spirit service. You can go through the FAQs mentioned below. 

How can I speak to a live person at Spirit?

From America, if you’re looking for a low-cost airline or even for an ultra low-cost airline. Then the first name which would come to mind is the Spirit airline. They have made sure that reaching out to the customer service department is easy for them. You only need to contact them, and they’ll sort out your query in a short time. 

So, if you’re thinking, “How do I talk to a live person at Spirit?” Then you would need to follow the easy steps which are given below. 

Ways to contact a live person from the Spirit airline:

Via call - 

In case you’re wondering, “What is a phone number for Spirit Airline?” Then you would need to dial (818) 337-2383 once you have dialled this number. Then you would need to choose the correct options from the IVR menu. Once you have done that, within a few minutes, you’ll be able to speak to the executive of the Spirit airline

Via chat - 

You can even contact the live executive from the Spirit airline through their chat options. In that manner, you’ll be able to save the transcript of the conversation you had with the agent. That would be helpful if you would be looking forward to referring to the previous conversation. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to get in touch with an executive through an airline: 

  • Go on the official page of the Spirit airline. 
  • Click on the button “Contact us.” It would be available under the heading of the Help and contact. 
  • On the new page, you’ll come across the button of the “Start chat.” 
  • Now you would need to select the option relevant to your query in the chatbox. 

That is it. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to chat with the executive from the chat team. Hopefully, your query is resolved. Have a nice trip. 

How can I get a call back from Spirit?

You can get a call back from the Spirit if you apply the different methods mentioned in this article. The methods include offline and online modes, with the help of which you can get a call back from the Spirit airline authority. The below-mentioned procedure includes steps that you can apply without any expert guidance.

Query box 

The query box will make you write your query in the blank form along with your contact details so that the airline will call you back on the given number and resolve you're every other query with an effective solution.

  • You need to visit the Spirit.
  • Then move to the contact us section.
  • Now click on the query form, ntr your contact details with the query.

After some time, the airline authority will reply to you back, and the customer service representative will let you know about the latest update also regarding the airline.

Can I have the phone number for Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can have the phone number for the Spirit that will connect you with the airline authority directly 24 hours and seven providing the best possible solution promptly. The calling process is fast and secure, as all the calls get recorded for inspection purposes only. Spirit provides a helpline number that you can dial from your preferred region.

  • You are required to search for a Spirit airline site.
  • Then take your pointer to the contact us section.
  • Under the section, click on the call us option. 

Dialed the toll-free number (818) 337-2383 and connected with the IVR.

  • Press 1 for flight status.
  • Press 2 to manage your booking 
  • Press 3 to get in touch with the Spirit customer service representative
  • Press # to disconnect the call 

How can I get a hold of Spirit?

You can get a hold on Spirit through different channels that will help you in getting the best possible solution. 

  • You can move to the contact us section.
  • On the contact page, you can click on the live chat. 
  • The chat box will open and enter your details, and proceed to chat related to your issue.

You can also get a hold of Spirit through a phone call option which will directly connect you to the airline personnel for future queries. 

How do I get my money back from Spirit? 

To get your money back from Spirit. You would need to go on the “Manage booking” option. After that, you’ll be able to make the changes which you want to make. Once you make the refundable changes, you’ll receive the refund in the form of vouchers or directly in your account. 

Procedure to make the change or cancellation to your booking:

  • Get on the website of Spirit. 
  • Now click on the button “Manage booking.” 
  • Once you have done that, then mention your “Booking reference number, or booking code” and your name 
  • Press enter. 
  • On the new page, you’ll come across your booking. 
  • Make the changes convinient for you. 

That is it. Once you have made the refundable changes that, you’ll receive the refund in a few days. You can even make these changes with the help of the customer support team. 

How do I contact Spirit for a refund?

 To contact Spirit for a refund, there are two ways. The first is to fill the refund request form. The other is to contact the customer support team. You would need to follow any of the paths, and you’ll be able to get the refund you are looking forward to get.  24 X 07 Spirit Phone Number +1(818) 337-2383 ****

How long does it take for a Spirit refund?

Once you have claimed your refund. After that, within 7-10 working days, you’ll get a response from the Spirit airline. After that, you would need to allow 4-6 weeks for the refund to be completed. You’ll receive a confirmation email on your registered email address once you have made the refund. 

Do Spirit dollars expire?

Most of the Spirit dollars does not expire. However, in some cases, like if those dollars are issued through promotions, or compensation, or for a limited time, then, in that case, it can expire.

What is the cancellation policy for Spirit?

  • To avoid the cancellation fee, you need to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking. 
  • The other necessary condition you need to be sure about is that you must have maintained the gap of 7 days between the booking and departure date. 
  • In case your reservation has been canceled by the airline. Then you will be getting the full refund of your investment. 

Answer some of the FAQs related to Spirit Airlines.

 Spirit Airlines is an American Airline with an ultra-low-cost budget which people prefer for their flight booking for their vacation. There are many queries and doubts of the travelers regarding the service of Spirit Airlines. Solutions to some of the queries are mentioned below.



  1. Did Spirit go out of business?
  2. Currently, Spirit is running successfully at its destination. Travelers prefer it for their flight booking to their guest location for their holidays. If you look at the history of Spirit Airlines, it was out of bankruptcy. However, it provides the best convenience and experience and offers many offers while booking flight tickets.

    Currently, Spirit is running successfully at its destination. Travelers prefer it for their flight booking to their guest location for their holidays. If you look at the history of Spirit Airlines, it was out of bankruptcy. However, it provides the best convenience and experience and offers many offers while booking flight tickets.

  3. Where is Spirit headquarters?
  4. As talking about the Headquarters of Spirit Airlines, it is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at St. Paul airport, Spirit States. It is a fast-growing airline and provides low-cost tickets to passengers with all economic seats. It is the eleventh largest airline in the Spirit States to carry passengers to their destination. 

  5. What airport does Spirit fly out of?
  6. Spirit Airlines fly out of Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport to its other destination. It is also the hub of Delta Airlines and Great Lake Airlines. Passengers who want to book their flight tickets with Spirit Airlines can depart from the St. Paul Airport in Minnesota, or if they want to go back to their address, they can go to any destination airport of the airlines. 

  7. What are the safety policies of Spirit due to Covid-19?
  8. Spirit Airlines is taking full precautions against Covid-19. There are some policies which the passengers need to follow related to the pandemic situations globally-

  • Passengers need to have a vaccination certificate and a negative test report of the Covid-19. 
  • If you are entering the airport, they should wear masks and carry extra masks. Only FFP masks without valves are allowed to use.
  • There should be proper social distancing between the passengers during lounge, boarding, and board. 
  • Frequent use of sanitizer is mandatory for all passengers. Passengers cannot move from their seats or talk to fellow passengers on board.
  • There are strict restrictions on touching things or baggage of other passengers. Change the mask after every hour to prevent the spreading of infection.

  • Can I get a refund from Spirit Airline?
  • Yes, passengers can get a refund on their account only if they cancel their flight tickets. There are many policies which they have to follow. Refunds will only be credited if the tickets are refundable and immediately request a refund after canceling the tickets. 

  • Can you pick your own seat on Spirit?
  • Spirit provides a sea map option via which you can select your seat option according to your comfort and convenience. You can pick your seat while making a reservation and at check-in time. If you don't pick your seat by yourself, then the airline authority will automatically select a seat for you. There are special seats for pregnant women and emergency seats for children.

    Some seats might have changed due to some legal emergency and, in some exceptional cases.

  • How do you get a free bag on Spirit?
  • Only some of the selected passengers get free checked luggage. The US military and Spirit airlines visa signature cardholders are allowed to check their luggage for free. Airlines allow passengers to carry one under item free of cost. You can also carry a purse backpack, duffel bag, or other items if only it fits under the seat in front of you.


  • Can I use my Spirit voucher for someone else?
  • Spirit provides vouchers that can be used for one year from the date of flight booking. Airline authorities recommend that passengers utilize it before the expiration of the voucher. And the vouchers are non-transferable, and you cannot reuse them once they become invalid.

     These vouchers are used while purchasing flight tickets because they reduce the ticket price and make it convenient for you to have an affordable journey with your loved ones. You can get vouchers if you are frequently buying the flight ticket at Spirit.

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