No one can teach you Spiritual Enlightenment. It is an INDIVIDUAL JOURNEY. There is nothing collective about Spiritual Enlightenment. You are currently on your Spiritual Journey whether you want to be or not. Your daily decisions determines your fate and your destiny. Whatever situations, circumstances and outcomes you are experiencing in your life, is brought on solely by YOU. No one wants to hold themselves accountable for their own actions and are always placing blame on the Devil. "The devil made me do it." Who is the Devil? YOU ARE THE DEVIL! Accountability is one of the most important phases towards obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment. Your life is the way it is at present, simply because you made it that way. That may be difficult for you to digest; however, I assure you that each and every daily decision you have made thus far, has shaped and molded your present day life. YOU are the reason for the season you are experiencing. With everything that is going on in the world at present, there are those who are not experiencing any lack of anything, none whatsoever. They are not affected by the pandemic. These are the ones whom made sound decisions, got their hearts right and planted good seed. They were emotionally, spiritually, and mentally prepared for this present time because they took heed to the warnings. These are the people whom planted good seed on fertile soil. The outcome of your harvest is the result of the seeds you have planted. This is only one phase towards Spiritual Enlightenment.

You wonder why negativity and misfortune seem to follow you everywhere you go. It is because this is the energy that surrounds you. You created it. Everyone should know by now that like attracts like. It is the Law of Attraction and you magnetically attract exactly what you are. If you are negative with a mindset of lack, you will attract negativity and misfortune. Your universe reflects exactly what you are. If you are filled with jealousy, hatred and envy and you are intent on bring misery to other people's lives, these are the only experiences you will receive in your life in many different forms. This is the energy you have created for yourself. It is no one's fault but yours. Hold your own self accountable for how you feel and the actions you have projected onto others because of how you feel. You cannot make a person's life miserable and think that you are going to live a peaceful, prosperous life. You will never experience peace. You never get away with anything. You will always pay the price for your actions in some form. You will not permanently close your eyes on earth until you have paid your Spiritual Debt. It is Divine Law. The Divine Law was put in place before the earth was formed for the main purposes of governing man. Divine Law is not difficult to follow. You just have to be OBEDIENT to the Spiritual Instructions within Divine Law at all times. Daily Obedience to Spiritual Instructions is a major part of the Spiritual Journey towards Spiritual Enlightenment. There is no spiritual workshop, spiritual retreat or so-called spiritual guru that you can pay for that will give you spiritual enlightenment. It is an individual process between you and the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Enlightenment cannot be obtained in a week, a few months or a few years. It is a lifelong process. Only those whom are willing to "seek and not stop seeking," no matter how uncomfortable the process may become, are selected by the Holy Spirit to take this path. The selection process is secret, sacred and holy. It is the secret society of all secret societies. There is no money involved. There is no worldliness involved. You must be willing to be completely and totally OBEDIENT to the Holy Spirit. Never agree to this path if you know you cannot do all that will be asked of you in Spirit. The Scriptures tells you, "When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowest. Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay." Your disobedience will result in much discomfort and suffering in your life. There is nothing in the world that can cause you to experience misfortune or suffering if you are being obedient to Spiritual Instruction within Divine Law. Being obedient to the Holy Spirit will cause you some discomfort at first; however, the uncomfortable experiences are always for your Highest Good. There are "seven life phases" towards Spiritual Enlightenment. Most people never even make it out of "phase one" because of their own decision making. You must have the courage and be brave enough to look within your own dark selves and see your own dark truth before you can come into the Light. This is only one phase in the Spiritual Enlightenment process, and it is one of the most important phases towards Spiritual Enlightenment. If you do not complete this phase, you will remain stuck in the darkness you created for yourselves, for many lifetimes to come. You will repeat this cycle or phase until you can finally "see" yourself, which is also your individual truth.

Life if cyclical. And it goes around and around seven times over. Spiritual Enlightenment is Divine Law. It is a requirement for all inhabitants on earth.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD Is A Spiritual Counselor.