There is a school of thought which suggests anything at all we are experiencing in terms of illness or dis-ease, will have its root origins in the emotions we have been habitually feeling.
Thankfully spiritual healing is a non-intrusive way of releasing emotional blockages and getting us out of the comfort zone of self-defeating mindsets. We can use dowsing to confirm what our intuition suspects and after a healing, then re-dowse to see if further healing will be necessary.
Emotional blockages can form in many ways, often through a consistent suppression of unexpressed emotions about a situation or else due to poor self-created energy as a result of stress and feelings of worthlessness.
Healings can be practised with the client present or as a distant healing.

What is Spiritual Healing?
Spiritual healing is helping our minds or bodies to heal themselves. After all isn’t that essentially what any healing is? For sure if we go along the conventional route to health, taking ourselves off to a GP and embracing orthodox medicine, it is still our own body which is healing for itself. Prescribed drugs or medication simply won’t work if you or I believe they are not going to be effective. Conversely there have been well documented cases of individuals making full recoveries from serious illnesses, while in reality having been taking nothing more than a placebo pill, their trust in its effectiveness being enough to bring about healing.
Whilst, of course, I believe in the power of dowsing, obviously a little common sense is prudent here. If you or I have no formal medical training we don’t understand the complexities of how the human body works in the same way a doctor would. Therefore, the dowser who is attempting to diagnose a serious medical condition in someone, without the benefit of those years of vocational training, cannot know what is really going on with their illness and where their symptoms are originating from. The art, as always, is in knowing the correct questions to ask, in this case without the medical training this is impossible. A doctor clearly does know the right questions and then makes their diagnosis based on complete knowledge of sympathetic symptoms, using their learned expertise in interpreting them.
Spiritual healing most often deals with emotional blockages, those which if left undealt with can cause all too real psychological and physical symptoms to manifest. When I practise a direct healing, I can feel these blockages, precisely in which part of the body they are located. After dowsing to confirm my finding, I apply extra energy of my own, with the intention to release their own energy to once again flow freely through the meridians of their body.
This is extremely rarely literally hands-on, usually I pass my hand approximately 20cm above the affected area. I dowse the area beforehand, to confirm my intuitive feelings by asking of my pendulum “is this where the energy blockage is located?” until I can narrow down my answers down to a specific location in their body. After the healing I re-dowse to further ask “is the blockage now clear?” A session lasts about fifteen minutes. I have been told what we healers do is akin to acupuncture or acupressure, but without any physical contact.
If you or I are healing for another we can use either the hand we usually write with (our projective hand) or a combination of both hands, depending upon what feels right to us. Personally, I use my right hand, but there are no right or wrongs here, you need to do this whatever way your intuition guides you. We visualize white light passing down our own arm and out of our palm directly into the area where our client is experiencing the emotional blockage. This needs to feel relaxed, never forced, to continue for up to fifteen minutes (any longer would be giving too much energy) and only once a day for the individual client.
Using one’s own energy to help another does require a few ground rules from those such as you or I who are the healer, before contemplating a healing session:
• We must be free from stress and anger.
• We need to remain balanced and centred during the healing session.
• We cannot allow ourselves to become too empathic to the client, otherwise taking on their emotional state for ourselves is all too real a possibility. We need to remain slightly professionally detached to reduce the chances of this happening.
• All kinds of deep-seated emotions can be brought bubbling to the surface during a healing and if practising spiritual healing for another, you or I definitely need to be prepared for this trauma being allowed the freedom to be released at long last as it can seem shocking to witness. It is not uncommon to see clients crying uncontrollably or looking utterly shocked – this is quite normal and an essential part of their healing process. You might like to practise a further healing for them the next day, helping them to reach some internal balance to process the experiences they are passing through. Things do thankfully usually settle down again quite quickly, after all the trauma causing the emotional blockage might well have been ignored for years or even decades! That the client has sought help, as their body is telling them in no uncertain terms it is unhappy, means it is now time to lay the issue afflicting them to rest…
Angus I had known for many years and he is an extremely private person. Sharing with others anything he might personally feel afflicted with is never easy for Angus…his priority is helping others, placing his own needs last.
For some two months he had been experiencing what felt like a constriction in his throat, he said to him it was like some unseen entity might be gently attempting to throttle him! He did his best to ignore what he tried to persuade himself to be only a slight inconvenience, doing his level best to continue with life as usual. After personally witnessing one of these episodes and being quite obviously not in the slightest bit phased by what I saw before me, led Angus to finally ask what I thought might be happening to him and further rather reluctantly request if I might be able to help him.
I had a pretty good idea what the issue might be, as usual when offering a healing I told him I could offer no guarantees regarding results, nevertheless promised some healing on his behalf. I immediately used my pendulum to establish beyond doubt the exact location of his emotional blockage, and further asked out loud the question “can I help Angus?” to happily get my Yes response (to be honest this question was more for the benefit of Angus, as I already knew I could help!).
One healing session completed, we agreed to meet the following day for another and then see from there.
Dowsing in private later confirmed my suspicions as to what Angus found himself having to contend with. His case wasn’t that unusual in my experience, I instinctively sensed why he had an emotional blockage, using my pendulum validated my initial intuitive feeling. This blockage affected him physically and would only intensify if left unchecked. Quite commonplace in those who seek me out, I can deal with them generally comparatively easily.
Angus possessed a particularly strong emotional blockage and ultimately it took me an unprecedented three healing sessions to totally eradicate it. In his case it had gradually built up over a period of over a year because of unexpressed feelings of frustration, buried deep inside of him and never allowed the opportunity to be verbally expressed, to subsequently heal. This physically manifested as his throat issues and the all too real feeling of choking.
Having once worked in senior management within local government, due to downsizing his department, Angus had found himself unexpectedly made redundant a year before. I suggested his need to heal himself through finally confronting this traumatic situation from a year ago he had never dealt with; I told him that in order to be practically able continue in his self-confessed quest to assist others, he needed to firstly help himself by letting go of his past career and his own self-image which went with it. This had become practically essential in order to move on with his life…he talked for several hours to me about all his deeply buried sense of loss as his much loved career ended, and his utter lacking in motivation to start all over again.
Finally cleared of the emotional blockage, Angus wanted purpose to his life once more and to live taking due care of his own interests. If he existed in a happy, fit and healthy state, he would find it far easier to help others. He commenced sincerely seeking a new direction from life and in due course opportunity came along for him to work within a career close not only his own front door, but definitely even more close to his heart. Angus found the ideal employment managing the drop-in centre for the homeless he had previously been volunteering at for the last year.

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I strongly believe in our own inner guidance, at some level you and I do know what is really right for us.
The choices we make, create the lives we lead. Why not make that life as magical and wonderful as possible?
Sound good?
I show possibilities and decisions we can all choose to is essentially all about our choices.
The only constant in life is change, and I adore this paradox! If something in our life doesn't work for us we can choose to change it...either literally or through adopting a more empowering mindset.
Peace and Love,
Dean Fraser