Take those steps to successful sales

Imagine you could avoid reluctance and avoid rejection on your sales calls. Now who would not like that? To be a professional sales representative you need to go through a process of steps. In sales training courses it is said that if you do not go through theses steps it would be similar to a professional builder building a house and leaving out the foundation, the house will inevitably fall in on top of you and you will not achieve your most desired goals.

Success of your sales is entirely up to you. As frustrating as this may sound you are the sole key to your success, there is no easy way or magic button that you can press to achieve your deepest desires. On previous training courses I have noticed that the people that are thriving in their sales are the people that never quit learning and that have a desire to keep going till they achieve the ultimate happiness in their work and personal lives. For example a man walks into his doctors and says to the doctor “I want to be a physiotherapist, what is the easiest and quickest way to do this?” This obviously does not happen for professional physiotherapists so why would it happen for professional sales representatives?

What do you think the definition of sales is? I know there are so many, how are you supposed to know? Well a favourite in sales training courses is that it is helping people to buy. Individuals have built in a resistance to sales people, you know this and do this yourself. However what you are trying to do is help the people to make the decisions on their own. Isn’t it great that you can get people to make the decision on their own even though it’s the decision you wanted them to make in the first place.

A sale involves getting the information and then giving information. The problem is that too many people in sales blow their chance in the first 10 seconds of the sale. They have skipped getting the information and have gone straight into their presentation. Answer me this, how in the world can someone present something to someone without knowing what they wanted in the first place?

Take this story I heard at a sales training course before. A tourist walks into a shop they want to get their son a souvenir from the country, they are not sure what is native and what is not so they ask a local. The local will obviously reply with questions such as how old is he? What are his hobbies or how much would you like to spend? Simple, you need the information first to serve the customer to their satisfaction.

Without these defining questions the result would be your choice, not the customers. The key in sales training courses is to always let the prospect feel as though they have made the decision.

I understand that you may have seen this all before and read it so yes you know it already but the question is are you practising it? For example we all seem to be aware of the negative effect fast food has on our body and our energy but are we practicing health eating because if this? The chances are we are not. It is known through sales training courses that the key is to master the fundamentals of sales, practice them and use them when they are needed.

Author's Bio: 

Frank O`Toole has been a well respected and results providing sales trainer through out sales training in the UK an Ireland. Not only does he possess the skills and traits that are needed but he holds the poise and confidence that never fails to shine through.