OK, you’re not exactly “sitting” on it since it’s in your mind, but you get the picture. The goldmine you are sort of sitting on is the knowledge you already have about what you do and probably use every day. As an entrepreneur, you have expertise that you are probably taking for granted. This expertise is a deep well of potential that, when formatted and packaged correctly, will turn into that goldmine of profitability that I’m talking about.

What do I mean? Well, the absolute best way to benefit from your knowledge is to share it with the world in a very specific way. The best way to share your genius with the world is to create a signature program that will be a highly profitable income stream for your business. How? When you package your message as a signature program you are able to leverage your core vital content throughout your business. This is important because it’s how you gain visibility, become known as an expert, attract more ideal clients, make more money and enjoy the freedom that comes with success (not to mention the joy of serving your audience at the highest level). And that, my friend, results in big profit for you.

Today, I’m sharing with you three of the key phases to creating your profitable signature program. They are…

Phase 1: Identify The Distinct Steps In Your Signature Process

Think about the work that you do. When you are doing your work, whether alone or with clients/customers, what are the steps you take? If you were to explain to me what you do, what steps and information make up the beginning, middle and end of that explanation?

• What background do you include?
• What are the steps you take an individual or group through when you are doing what you do best?
• Brainstorm all of the distinct steps in your process.
• What do you do that is different (even slightly) from how everyone else in your field may provide this information?
• What information do you include that is completely unique to you?

Now, make a list of these steps in the order you go through them. Don’t worry about the number of steps you end up with. There are no rules around that. You may have three steps or fifteen steps. Focus more on having a clear, logical and organized process. These are the key steps of your Signature Process.

Phase 2: Add Key Proprietary Supporting Content

Now that you’ve outlined the exact steps of your Signature Process, your next move is to create the practical supporting content pieces. This is the “how to” part of your Signature Process. It reflects your unique perspective and is presented in your own proprietary manner, unlike what anyone else is doing. YOU are the key ingredient in your Signature Process. Your personality is what makes your material sing for your ideal clients. The steps and the supporting material are the vehicles for transferring your brilliance to others and encompass the most practical aspect as well as the action steps of your Signature Process. For example, when I take clients through this process when I’m working with them to create their signature program, this step includes a process for brainstorming supporting content for each of their steps, accessing or creating assessments, charts, worksheets and field work for their audiences to use. We also design collateral materials and documents that support my client’s audience in benefiting from their program. And, of course, when I teach this process to people, I have all of those things to share as well.

Phase 3: The Best Format For Your Content

Once you have your process and content together, it’s time to format your content into all of the deliverables you want to share with your ideal audiences in the ways they want to access it. For example, some of the formats I use to teach people how to create Profitable Signature Programs™ are one-to-one coaching, speaking, group coaching and tele-courses.

How do you want to share your Signature Process with your ideal audience? Some possibilities are…

• a public presentation
• book or e-book
• home study program
• e-course or tele-course
• 1:1 or group coaching
• all of the above

Format your content to fit whatever delivery methods you have chosen (i.e. write the speech/book, record the audio, etc.).

Now you are ready to package all your powerful work from these three steps together and create the finished program. Don’t be afraid to use your content in more than one way to further leverage your reach and ability to serve your ideal clients/audience.

Now, go out there and create that signature program the world is waiting for!


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