Subliminal messaging is the effortless way to build a positive sales mindset and make your sales skills more effective. Have you ever seen successful sales people and wondered how they constantly achieve top results. Even when they have only the sales skills that others have, and use the same selling techniques that less successful people do, they still achieve consistent high sales results. The difference between these two types of people is all within their minds, and their beliefs. This is where subliminal messages can help.

Successful sales people have drive and ambition. They see the positive and the opportunity in all situations. They are self confident and have the energy to be persistent and resilient. Top performers have a firm self belief in their future success. This successful approach is created in the mind of the top performing sales person. Their self talk, the pictures they make, and the filters their minds use to decide which information to allow through to their subconscious, are all working for them. One way to acquire this positive mental mindset is to use subliminal messaging as part of your sales training.

Subliminal messages work by sending positive statements and affirmations directly to your unconscious mind. They bypass the usual pathways to your conscious mind that are used in more traditional sales training. It’s similar to hypnosis in that it works best when the conscious mind is occupied and the unconscious is open to suggestion. Using subliminal messaging couldn’t be simpler. You simply listen to a pre-recorded subliminal training MP3 or CD track. The track sends subliminal messages to your unconscious. These messages are designed to target your unconscious mind and blow away any negative or limiting beliefs you have about yourself. They give you full confidence in your sales abilities, and inject into your mind the positive, empowering beliefs that are common to all successful salespeople. You can use them in the gym, while carrying out daily activities, or by taking some regular time out to for self help and training.

Subliminal messaging is not a replacement for good practical sales training. That would be too easy. You still need to learn how to use sales skills and how to sell. When you add subliminal messages to effective sales training you multiply the power and the results you will achieve. Your motivation will be fired up and your attitude flexible. Subliminal training should be viewed as an addition to your sales skills training. It’s a catalyst that enables your selling techniques to work at their best and increase your results and earn you more money.

As a sales manager and trainer I have worked with people that have to overcome obstacles. These can be challenges and situation outside of work that are restricting their performance and sales results. I’ve seen subliminal messages help overcome and move some of these obstacles to success. Subliminal training is very effective when dealing with issues around self confidence and self esteem. Bad habits, addictions, physical well being and weight or health issues are all things that can prevent you from achieving your sales goals. Subliminal training can help get these out of your life and get you earning the top rewards for a sales career.

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I’m Stephen Craine, I’m a working sales manager and sales trainer. Subliminal messages are a sales training technique I have advised many people to use. When combined with practical sales skills training it is a powerful resource that takes very little time or efforts, and can produce great results. Is also very effective in helping to overcome obstacles in all their areas of your life and can help you create all round success and achievement. You can see more about subliminal sales training at I look around the world for effective sales training techniques for my working sales teams and to share on my website which you can visit at