Substance Abuse starts out being a great trip. But, as you’ve probably found out, the highs you receive after the first few times diminish. Now it takes more and more of the addiction of your choice to “try” to get that same high.

Addicts have lost many important relationships. Many have burned the bridges to the most important people in their life. And they didn’t want to. It’s just that their addiction has control over them and they feel hopeless and helpless.

It doesn’t help that society is lying to them and telling them that their addiction is a disease and they’ll never be able to overcome it.

What if you learned the truth about addictions? What if you learned that there is hope to permanently overcome your addiction? What if you learned the process and skills to get out of your recovery and into living the life of your dreams?

What if you could restore those broken relationships?

As the expert Addictions Coach, I’m here to tell you that all of this is possible. How? By being willing to hear another opinion on what causes your substance abuse.

What got me out of my ten-year struggle with my addiction can also help you get out of your addiction. You don’t have to waste any more of your time attending support groups. Support groups are great when you first begin, because they let you know that you’re not alone in your struggles to overcome your addiction. But after a while the same group keeps you stuck in your addiction because it’s “in your face” all the time – instead of trying to focus on something else.

So what will get you out of your addiction? I’ve found three underlying causes for addictions. First, the lack of healthy, loving relationships. Second, the lack of purpose for your life. Third, not having a way to handle anxieties, emotional pain, boredom, fears, or whatever causes you to want to escape by using your addiction.

Now just knowing these three elements won’t stop you abusing your addiction immediately. That’s why you need someone who can walk with you as you learn these three principles and how they specifically apply to your life. You need to learn how to spend more of your time focusing on the first two elements than you do thinking about your addiction and how lousy your life is.

You can begin today to change your life from one of being stuck in the relapse cycle, to being able to live the life of your dreams. Do you even remember what your dreams used to be? Can you take them off the shelf and dust them off? Start writing down what you want in your life (instead of what you don’t want).

The restoration of the broken relationships will eventually come. But first you’ve got to prove to each person that you have finally gotten rid of your addiction. You’ve got to be patient with this process. But, in 90 days or less your life can make a dramatic turnaround if you take the right steps today.

To help you begin today, you can go to my website and download a free mp3 of “8 Immediate Action Steps To Take.”