Social websites like Facebook and many others, can be a relatively nice, enjoyable thing in life if a member of them approaches it carefully and maintains it as properly as possible. In some cases, however, there are those who want to ruin the experiences of others and can cause them feelings of being sloughed-off, cold shouldered, ignored or worse. They use a type of manipulation and even professing Christians can be a part of bad social media aspects at times. This often includes or simply consists of writing highly disruptive and disrespectful posts or personal attacks.

This type of behaving badly in social sites can be extremely hurtful to some members being attacked (rarely suicides have occurred). To state it straightforwardly and in my sincere opinion, these type behaviors are inspired by whom the Holy Bible calls “Satan”. Even if perpetrators claim to be Christians they can seemingly be as influenced to commit bad behaviors as antichristian people. I have frequented various forums since the year 2003 and I have experienced all the things I've described generally and having not given detail.

I have also moderated 4 forums at various times, since 2003. I have observed and openly proven the fact that ignoring the Satan-inspired posts, is far more of a frustration to the attack posters, than it is to return vicious attack posts back at them (even when done in admonitive fashion). A person on social posting forums should also consider, using the prompt on truly bad posts, that basically says to the effect "report this post" (works quite good on most forum sites).

Prompts for registering complaints should, however, be used only when truly needed as mentioned previously and not for bogus or even near-bogus reasons. Otherwise, it becomes censorship and instead should be a resort against abuses of speech and freedom of expression (yes, these freedoms can be abused). Also, of importance, is the fact that social media should not take more importance in your life than it should. This can of course depend on your purpose for using it, and you should place prayer behind the use of it, as you would all of life's involvements and endeavors.

In regard to using the content writing division of these same websites or others, that offer interesting reading to visitors (article writing), one must be cautious regarding this endeavor also. The revenue-sharing, content posting, website industry has become a multi-billion dollar per year website business. These websites offer interesting or desired information to readers who browse their online pages, but they also sell advertising units, which appear as advertisements around each piece of article-content they display (i.e. stories, audios, photos or videos). Revenue they generate from these ads, is often shared with content-article writers or they are given opportunity to post a link of their own.

This system can be very beneficial to article contributors but much of this depends on what sites one decides to register with as a writer and the level of quality article submissions one submits. It is important to read their Contributor Contracts, Terms of Use, or whatever they call their agreements that are binding between you and them. Submitting content to them slowly to see how the arrangement goes and as a Christian, keeping your spiritual feelers out is important. You will want to detect any “red flags” that indicate they are not reasonable fair with you is important. Pray faithfully for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you remain involved in social media and/or content article submissions (Romans 8:14) – “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.”.

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I showed my wife in-detail, how to keep up with my royalty book sales in case of an early departure for me and I always make sure she has any password-changes I make for getting into the publishing platforms. My book proceeds became far more important to me and this is why I began writing at every chance to inform others of these and other subjects I see great importance in. With exception of my few comedy titles, which are purely for enjoyment. I could also see how important it was for fellow writers I became acquainted with on fellow patient forums, to protect their written works, some of which have died since I came to know them only a few years ago (one in-particular committed suicide, due to their illness).