Love is an essential element of many people's life, without which they feel an absence of balance and harmony in their every day pursuits. The ancient philosophy of Feng Shui can bring a positive improvement to all aspects of your life, including love. Feng Shui and love may bring a sense of peace and understanding that will help you find success throughout life. Learning how to incorporate Feng Shui into your life one piece at a time may help you achieve greater love, both romantically, for yourself, and for others. The balance that love brings to your life is important in living healthily and successfully.

The love center of the home is an important concept when it comes to Feng Shui and love. Learning the exact location of your home's love center will enable you to invigorate the chi in this area, leading to better luck when it comes to love and better Feng Shui throughout your home. The love center of a house is in the far right corner as you enter. The love center can also be the far right corner of each particular room as you enter into it. Following the practice of Feng Shui, you should place an important earth object in this love center. An earth object includes items such as rocks or crystals. Other items that are appropriate to place in this area of your house and that can increase positive chi include decorative pots, candles, flowers, and depictions of the sun. Earth objects placed in strategic areas of your home such as the love center are believed to increase Feng Shui and love for the occupants of the house.

There are a few extra guidelines when it comes to placing objects in the love center of your home and increasing Feng Shui and love in your personal life. For example, wood is not considered a good choice of an earth object and should be avoided in the love area. Flowers and plants are a great choice, including silk flowers, but dried flowers should never be used. Dried flowers or plants can represent the end of a relationship and can have a negative effect on your home's Feng Shui and love.

If you are trying to optimize the Feng Shui and love in your home and personal life, you should keep in mind a few areas of the house where you should pay special attention to levels of chi. The bathroom is an area of the home associated with negative chi. To combat this negative chi and promote positive chi here, place live plants or flowers in the area. You can also consider hanging chimes directly above the toilet. These simple steps will help to eliminate the negative chi that is associated with the bathroom.

Of course the bedroom is an area of the house that is associated with Feng Shui and love. In order to pursue successful romantic relationships, you want to create an area of positive chi in your bedroom. To do this, keep the bedroom free of clutter, including the closet. Unnecessary objects crowding your living spaces can produce negative chi. Also, remove any objects that point to a past relationship, such as pictures and other mementos. These items will prevent future loves to blossom into all that they can be. You may even want to remove the bed that you have shared with a past lover in order to have the best chances at a successful future love.

Other objects to keep out of your bedroom in order to find the best Feng Shui and love are items that promote activities that have nothing to do with love or relationships. These items may include the television, the computer, or exercise equipment. While live plants and flowers are good objects to increase chi in other areas of the house, they should be avoided in the bedroom. Plants and flowers are believed to bring the level of male chi in this room too high. What you are striving for in the bedroom when it comes to Feng Shui and love a balance of ying and yang. This brings harmony between the feminine and masculine components. To find this harmony, decorate with the masculine in mind if your are a woman and with the feminine in mind if you are a man. As a result, you will find an excellent balance of chi in the bedroom.

By incorporating all of these Fengh Shui and love tips throughout your house, you will be creating a positive chi environment that encourages love and relationships to flourish. Not only will you find yourself experiencing more successful romantic relationships, but love between friends, family, and others will be increased. By designing with Feng Shui and love in mind, such as paying attention to love centers and problematic areas for negative chi, you will be rewarded with long-lasting and loving relationships.

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Candace Czarny “Award Winning” Interior Designer, Subtle Energy Expert and author of the best selling “20 Minute Feng Shui” is launching her newest work “The Master’s Secret Key” at , a short work design to inspire the reader to self-empowerment.
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Candace Czarny is the president of Wind & Water, Inc. She has more than 30 years’ experience in interior and “Green” design, facilities and project management and Feng Shui.
Candace has practiced interior design since 1973 and received her Degree in Interior Design from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1977. She is a NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and a Professional Member of ASID. She is a Certified Facility Manager (CFM) and a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). She is responsible for the Design of the First “Gold” LEED Certified building in the State of Arizona. She has also received the Design in Excellence Award from the Arizona chapter of ASID and the Best of the Best Award in Sedona.
In addition to her scholastic studies, Candace apprenticed with Feng Shui Master and Shaman Cuneo for 5 years. Her studies consisted of field work and daily training in the oral tradition. Her training comes from a global perspective of esoteric sciences and incorporates: Landform and Black Sect Feng Shui, Hawaiian Huna, European Geomancy, Native American and South American Energy Sciences. She teaches practical, accurate, in-depth energy principles with creative and modern applications. Her clients have testified of dramatic results using Candace’s advice from romance to business.