It’s a pretty well-known fact that there is a significant amount of people in the world who value beauty more than many personal traits. While this is in no way a good thing, one can’t deny the importance of being naturally attractive which is why a concept like Beauty Pageants was introduced.

Beauty pageants are a diverse form of competition and entertainment programs taking place since the medieval era and have evolved in countless ways with the passage of time. We went from them valuing nothing but absolute beauty to evaluating everything about a contestant, including their posture, their manner of speaking, their body language, and of course, their physical traits and talents.

Beauty pageants are a rather controversial topic among many people due to the mere fact that they use a person’s level of attractiveness as the criterion and while they may have a point, this level of narrow-mindedness leads to nothing but a hindrance in the growth of our society as a whole. But, the overwhelming welcome, this concept received as well as the recent boom of such pageants has led to fewer and fewer complainers to the point where one could say that they have almost become non-existent.

Following the rapid growth of such competitions, many organizations have risen to the surface, entirely dedicating their resources to introduce new names to this gargantuan industry. One such organization is SAKA Production Inc. which recently had its inaugural Summit International Pageants production. Summit International Pageant promotes attractive women as well as their passions and accomplishments. Summit International Pageants, a platform that encourages diversity, aims to promote peace by uniting women from all over the world and inspiring them to be great role models.

The founders of the pageant are Kelly Trang Tran, a former Mrs. Vietnam World 2015 and Ms. United States of America International 2014, and her husband, USMC veteran Alex Hoang Bui. Since 2020, Kelly Trang Tran has worked in the pageant business and she herself has won several championships. Since she first started participating, she has been a leader in promoting diversity and cultural representation, and she makes it a point to preserve these principles in her own pageant. 

For her voluntary work, Kelly also earned a Lifetime Presidential Award from US President Obama. Kelly became the Director of the Mrs. Vietnam World pageant after participating in the Mrs. World competition in China. She left the Mrs. World organization in 2018 and, together with her husband, chose to concentrate on the Summit International Pageants. 

The first Summit International Pageant was held on January 26, 2022, at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout the week, the contestants took part in various activities, along with a private helicopter tour of the city, an extended limousine ride at night, photo shoots in opulent private homes, and a variety of food from various cultures, including sushi, spaghetti, steak, adobo, pizza, pancit, and pasta, among others. The Summit International Pageant consists of three categories in the competition: Miss (Ages 18–29), Ms. (Ages 30-55), and Mrs. Contestants who want to compete in the Miss and Ms. Divisions must be unmarried, divorced, widowed, or legally separated, whilst those who want to compete in the Mrs. Division must be married and currently residing with their spouse. With respect to this eligibility criteria, Nica Zosa of the Philippines won the title of Miss Summit International 2022; Paris Xian of China won the title of Ms. Summit International 2022, and Ginh Ann-Marie Wood of North America won the title of Mrs. Summit International 2020. 

The Summit International Pageants has been recognized by the Nevada Governor with a Certificate of Recognition and the Presidential Service Award for its inclusive and forward-thinking ideals. Summit International Pageants have carved a permanent spot as one of the many outstanding venues that reveal the real meaning of beauty while also emancipating women all over the world.

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