Swati is the 15th nakshatra of the hindu astrology and is also quite an important one. This nakshatra corresponds to the western star named Arcturus and is a symbol of creativity, art and freedom. The word 'Swati' means purity or more precisely the pure first drop of rain. This defines the actual characteristics of this star. It is a Sanskrit word which also means sharpness or talent, the qualities that are exhibited by the natives of this nakshatra. It expands through the constellation of Scorpio and its arena is owned by Lord Vayu and also has impacts of Rahu. Both of these planets leave their impression on this nakshatra which helps in defining the characteristics of the natives belonging to this star. Some of the common tendencies seen in the natives are independence, spontaneity, complete freedom and restless behaviour. The individuals belonging to this nakshatra have a lot of self-confidence and are very knowledgeable.
Some of the general characteristics displayed by the natives of this nakshatra are that these people are highly self-confident and have a strong desire to resolve problems in and around them. They have a very strong sense of freedom of thought or expression, possess immense knowledge and do not like any kind of confinement in their work. They want to work freely without any pressure or limitations. They are very good leaders and possess good communication skills. They can easily handle even the toughest of situations and have a curious outlook. They are never afraid of challenges and are very flexible in life.

These people are very friendly in nature, but due to the effect of Vayu they tend to be a bit adamant and at times it becomes difficult to reason out with them. Usually they are very proactive and always ready to help. No one would return empty handed from them, provided they do not have to compromise with their freedom. They are very protective about their freedom and will never compromise it for anything in life. They take great pride in their work and do not appreciate people criticising them. They are concerned about their own life and work and are not impacted by the power or position of other person. They do not bother what others are doing but are very focussed on their own life and actions. They might not even notice or give respect to others if they don't like them.
Some of the positive traits of the individuals who belong to this nakshatra are that they are very knowledgeable and witty. They are very curious to learn and know about things. They have strong faith in their work and actions and like a free environment to work and grow. They are very independent and competent and take no help in completing their task. They don't require constant monitoring and follow up and are very efficient in their work. They fear god and are religious people who follow rules and regulations. They are very helpful and truthful in nature.

Their negative traits are that at times they are very stubborn and adamant. It's very difficult to make them listen to others which make them appear as arrogant and proud. They are not at all willing to make compromise for the fear of losing their freedom and won't even make slight adjustments. This can cause a disturbance in their personal as well as professional life. They are also very restless and are not very prompt in making decisions. They take a lot of time to decide on what is right and what is wrong. All these negative traits make them unpopular in the society.

Based on their qualities and characteristics, some of the career options suitable for them are financial and legal domains where their knowledge, intelligence and hardworking nature are required. Their self-discipline and consistency in work takes them a long way in their professional life. Success usually comes to them in the later part of their life and is all because of their hardworking nature. As they have a strong sense of freedom, they usually work well as freelancers or entrepreneurs where they don't have to work under anyone else. They can also do well in gold business, acting, textile, travelling, mechanical engineering and astrology.

As these individuals do not gel well with others too easily they are not compatible with a lot of other nakshatras. Some of the compatible ones are Purnavasu, chitra and hasta. They are incompatible with nakshatras like Rohini and Bharani. They need to be very careful in choosing their friends and life partners.

Male Natives – The male natives of this nakshatra have a unique face and appearance. They are considered to be very independent and someone who cannot be confined to one place for too long. The most precious thing for them in this world would be their freedom. They usually have a good heart with pure feelings and love around them. They are very good and nice until someone threatens their freedom. They can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on your attitude towards them. They are also very honest and have strict morals. They do not have any greed or jealousy about what others have but are very satisfied with what they have. They take great pride in their work and do not take criticisms very easily. They are from the outside what they are on the inside. They don to pretend to be who they are not.
Female Natives – The female natives of this nakshatra also has more or less the same characteristics, but with their own uniqueness. They have a distinctive feature and are very kind and generous. Like their male counterparts they are also free spirited individuals who will never compromise with their freedom. They are very good people with a pure heart if you do not interfere with their freedom. They do not interfere with the life of others and keep a strong focus on their own work and life. They have a natural charm which makes them very attractive and people tend to get attracted to them naturally. They are very sincere and determined workers who do not require any monitoring.

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