Girls are one of the best things about being a guy and we always look forward to the day when we finally settle with one and live happily ever after (of course we don't really live happily ever after, like literally, but that's a topic for another time). Girls are always cute, cuddly, lovable and adorable and we have to confess that they never fail to pinch our hearts and make our stomach get filled with butterflies every once in a while. So when you finally meet one amazing girl and would want to spend the rest of you life with her (love just makes us say the stupidest things sometimes), get to learn these sweetest things to say to a girl first --- master the five lines tat will surely make her fall for you hard:

* "You make me happy." Now that you're both in a comfortable level where you be absolutely honest with each other, why not tell her exactly how you feel? During a romantic candlelight dinner or in the middle of the flick you're watching, tell her she makes you happy and surely, a kiss is on its way. Soon.

* "I think I'm falling in love with you." Unless you mean it, I don't know a much way sweeter to put it. When you're both enjoying the presence of each other, sharing a few laughs, getting a little intimate and all that, pop this statement out all of a sudden and that sure is going to get blushing big time --- she might start confessing what she feels about you too!

* "You're always special to me." Start off by telling her she's cute or pretty and then when she replies something like, no she's not, give this as your follow-up. That's going to make her go quiet for a while (but in a good way) of course. This is a great way to start creating sexual tension and then making things more intimate.

* "I just want to hold you close." A good thing to say when you're about to part ways --- a goodnight right after a nice date or when she's about to go somewhere far for the weekend --- if you're hoping to cuddle with her and make her spend the night with you, tell her you want to hold her close and that's enough to drive her senses longing for you.

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Steffi Hall is a seduction and attraction expert who teaches men how to attract and pick up beautiful women. As a former model who has been sought after by many men, Steffi has the experience in passing on the skill of attraction, since she was a target of many men herself. There is no better teacher then the target itself, learn from the source.

Steffi Hall works in conjunction with Mark Taylor.