With Systemic Candidiasis there is often a fine line between misdiagnosis and the proper diagnosis.

For instance, a friend of mine was feeling really tired and when her normal doctor didn't have the answer, she went to a naturopath, who diagnosed her with Chronic Systemic Candidiasis because she was tired and craved sugar. The naturopath disregarded all of the other common symptoms and put her on a Candida diet.

On the other hand conventional doctors often won't even consider a diagnosis of chronic systemic candidiasis even though they have tried everything else, run every test and still cannot help the patient. So if conventional doctors and naturopaths can't always be relied on, what's a person to do? Well, it's important that you educate yourself in matters of your health so you can tell when you are getting taken for a ride or misunderstood.

Most Common Systemic Candidiasis Symptoms
chronic pain
sore throat
athlete's foot
cravings for sweets
sinus inflammation
pre-menstrual syndrome
poor memory
persistent cough
excessive fatigue
inability to think clearly
ear aches
mood swings
low sex drive
stomach pains
muscle weakness
digestion problems
rectal itching
sensitivity to fragrances
abdominal gas and bloating
cravings for alcohol
acid reflux

While this list may seem daunting, please consider the following if you think you might have chronic systemic candidiasis;

  • Do you have many of the above symptoms and not just one or two?
  • Have these symptoms persisted over a long period of time or keep re-occurring?
  • Have you been to see your doctor and have had tests to rule out other causes?

Diagnosing systemic candidiasis can be tricky, but people who have had many of the above symptoms and couldn't figure out why, have found much relief following a candida diet and taking the recommended supplements. As for my friend, it turns out she really had the onset of glandular fever instead of chronic candidiasis, but she said she got some some really healthy, good tasting Candida recipes out of it.


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