There's a person who does some work for me—getting specific, she does transcriptions for me—who off and on has done it for years. We've been creating product all this time… Of course, most of it earlier was Internet-related, and she came right along with that.

And now, most of what I do is actually oriented around The NEW Think and Grow Rich and empowerment technologies, such as the article that you're reading right now.

Who do you think made the transcript? It's her. First off—no, don't ask me for her name if you're an information marketer, because she's doing a good job. And my advice is, find your own, dude or dudetta!

But here is the truth—I have used her for years off and on. And I've been using her intensely during this economic recession, because hey, man, we're not slowing down.

The economy may have, over all, entered into a period of turmoil and morass, and my investments, the buy and hold ones, those have softened dramatically. A lot of things have changed and you know that, but our business—we're not slowing down, no way. We're honkin'… People need us more than ever. We're creating more than ever.

And when paid work slows down, that’s a good time to do more of the creative work that was hard to get to when business was growing so dramatically.

And so I sent some stuff off to her recently, a good chunk, with the message, "Thanks for being so special, I really appreciate what you do," and that is the truth: I really do, I really have. Hey, she is good, she is specific, we are in flow together, things are working well. I really appreciate it…I've got to have someone do it.

And she writes back, "No, thank you for being the answer to a prayer."

You see, her business actually has slowed down. A lot of information marketers—and to be precise, that is the field that I happen to be in, one of the people who create audios, videos, books, e-books, this kind of stuff—have backed off.

For all of the above reasons, most people aren’t taking advantage of the benefits this time does bring.

She can take anything, whether it's a television program or a teleconference that we've recorded, or just a dictation into a mike, and turn it into a typed transcript.

Her business has slowed down, and she was concerned, and she was praying. About that time we send her a whole new project to pick up the slack – for our own needs, not hers… But it was the answer to a prayer to her. That's HoloMagic!

All I can say is, hey, it's like the famous song or prayer Francis of Assisi is credited with writing: “Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace”. I love that song. And I love being, for you and for all the world, for all the history, for all the time that comes, with due respect to my helpers who make it possible—I love being an emissary for HoloMagic.

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