Yes, Take Joy In All Bad As Well As All Good Things That Happen To You

This truly is a reversal of thought idea. We all take great joy in good things that happen to us in our lives but delve into sadness, despair and anger when things seem to go bad. The latter emotions just magnify themselves within our subconsciousness and provide more bad things being manifested into our life rather than less.
Now we all should be reversing our thoughts and taking great joy in all these bad situations and events because they actually are showing you who you really are. Everything that happens to us in this illusionary reality is caused by no one but ourselves. It is all a reflection of our inner thoughts, fears, insecurities and beliefs. We are extremely powerful beings of consciousness that are currently unable to even comprehend this power. Everything that we feel within is projected by our subconsciousness into our outside mirror. This mirror keeps showing us what we really think and believe and who and what we have become within our self-image. If we think and believe in duality, it is duality we will see. If we think and believe in unconditional love and kindness this will become our reality. This mirror is our greatest self-teaching tool for everything that we want to be or not to be is in front of us every day. Nothing is hidden from us. This mirror is us today, not in true reality but in our illusionary dream reality. It is our ego self-image that can be kind, compassionate and loving or can be unkind, negative and self-centered. We can change this reflection at any time we want, we just have to want to and believe we can. This change becomes alot easier once we learn who we and our father really are. It becomes a realistic goal rather than an unrealistic one because it is just a matter of awakening and accepting who we have always been and always will be in true reality and casting off the yoke of a lifetime of illusionary thought.
In taking great joy in our bad events(as well as our good events) we are finally accepting who and what we really are. We are accepting the truth that we are the co-creators of our own universe with all our divine almighty power and magnificence. We are the sons and daughters of the one source and creator from which all our power of thought comes. We no longer can believe that someone else is at fault for hurting us; not God nor man. We are the supremely powerful beings that have created our own life through our own fearful and insecure thoughts of separation. It is our own thoughts that we now see in front of us and we can change what we don't like. We can now never look at our bad situations the same again. No matter what seems to happen to us in our world of dreams we will now know that the power to create something, good or bad, out of nothingness comes from our true reality as sons/daughters of the almighty creator. We will now know that only our incorrect perception of reality projects negative events and that we can now use our free will to choose only the truth of positivism, unconditional love and oneness from which all goodness comes.

Go beyond limited human comprehension of your self image and accept the final truth of who you are, no matter how extreme and impossible that one thought might be for it is the real amazing and wondrous truth.

Author's Bio: 

Professional businessman for the past 30 years as well as spiritual author of the profound and provocative book, A Reversal of Thought.