This is the most important information of all. You get out of it what you put into it. This is true for just about everything in life, and this includes affiliate marketing. People who know little or nothing about Internet marketing tend to sign up for programs, get replicated websites, and wait for the traffic to come and the sales to happen.

Of course, if you know the slightest bit about how business is done on the Internet, you know that people like that never earn a single dime from affiliate marketing. You have to promote the products. It’s just that simple. The more you promote the products, the more money you are likely to earn in commissions.

If you want to earn more, do more. Always Take your affiliate marketing business seriously. It is a business. If you don’t think that right now, then you will most likely fail. It is a business, and it should be treated as a business.

Try to input some enthusiasm into your business. Your readers will sense that feeling in you and they will they be able to catch the enthusiasm you are radiating. For example, when you are reading a book, the emotions being conveyed are getting through you. You get to feel what is being written.

You should set aside regular business hours, when you will be doing your marketing, as well as administrative work. During those business hours, you should also include time for research. This research may include learning new marketing techniques, or learning about new products in your niche.

However, as an affiliate marketer, 99% of your work hours should be spent on marketing, whether this is writing sales copy, writing emails, placing ads, or developing new products to promote other products, such as ebooks or free reports.

The quickest way to fail is to not do anything at all, and statistics show that 90% of the people who sign up for affiliate programs that don’t have any screening processes will do absolutely nothing. You need to strive to be one of the 10% that will do what is necessary to promote the product.

Don’t believe for one minute that you can sit at home doing absolutely nothing, or only working five minutes a day, and earn $1000 a week. That does not happen, unless you have a trust fund – or unless you have built a nice sized list in a small niche and built a solid relationship with that list.

When you get to that point, and you’ve made a name for yourself, you may be able to cut back on work – a little – but if you get too relaxed, you can bet that you won’t have your affiliate marketing profits for long!

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