In this world there are two kinds of people; takers and givers. Takers are the type of people that will take anything from you. Takers will take something material from you, or they will simply drain you emotionally. Takers only care about themselves. Takers do not care about your well-being. Takers will never have enough, everything to them is temporary.

Givers are the angels in this world. Givers give unconditionally with the goal of making a situation better. Givers care about your well-being; they can offer emotional as well as financial support.

You can either look at life as what you can gain from it, or what can you leave behind to make it a better place, or how can you help someone so they have it a little easier.

The difference between a giver and a taker is that to the giver there is nothing that the taker has that the giver needs, and everything that the giver has, the taker needs.

The sooner you see what a person’s intention is, the sooner you learn how to respond to them. The takers that need you all the time to listen to their drama and try to suck you into it; it is no different from someone that is robbing you. They are both taking something from you. You can endlessly give to a taker and they will still want more. They have nothing within themselves, but they want to appear to all that they have everything. A giver needs nothing, they have all they need. They can take what little they have and help someone who needs it, they help others unselfishly.

We need both givers and takers in the world. We can learn from both.

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