More than 40% of mobile searches are related to local products and services, which means that search engine optimization for local searches for mobile devices should not be overlooked, targeted mobile traffic meaning you as a business owner should not only have a broad and global view Take care of your business, but also spend a significant portion of your activity on the users of your country as well as your city. In this case, consider the following:

  • Try to reduce the number of words on your info pages (like pages about us, contact us, etc.) (between 300 and 500 words) and avoid lengthy, pointless explanations.
  • Use Local Keywords in Tags, Tags, Alternative Texts on Images, as well as Web Page Titles and Inside Content.
  • Add your company name (business or brand), address and contact numbers in the template header and footer section. You can also put this information in one of the sidebar templates.
  • Put your focus on improving the user experience, not Google's robots, which are meant to speed up page loads, content and eye-catching content with images and no complexity in how content is displayed.
  • Use shorter targeted organic website traffic from keywords for common searches and longer keywords for voice searches. (Much of the local search is done by voice.)

Keep in mind that this discussion is entirely related to SEO and requires the necessary actions to optimize search engines. To make it more effective and included in Google's list of approved businesses, be sure to use the Google My Business service and optimize it. Submit your work to Google Map.)
Implement clickthrough advertising and social media marketing campaigns

Always making money through online advertising systems for any webmaster is an undeniable option. As soon as you consider the opportunity appropriate and have enough traffic and traffic to your site, you can benefit from a click-through system. But keep in mind that using ads like pop-ups and other types of forced advertising will have a huge drop in your users, so it is best not to risk advertising for this model. AdWords clicks are the best offer for businesses that are neither too young nor too big and too busy. It is also time to get started on social media campaigns after introducing your website and brand. We continue to highlight important points in these areas so that you can succeed in implementing these campaigns.

Mobile Advertising Campaign Tips:

  • Just like web site design, content optimization and more, mobile advertising is unique. Visual ads on mobiles should be designed so that they are not too small to be ignored or too large to occupy much space and annoy the user. You should use your keywords in these ads to increase their returns through search engines. Then provide a brief and useful description of the related product. Query tips for mobile users include sentences such as "Buy this product on your mobile" or "Click to order this product on your mobile" as well as "Easy shopping through mobile".
  • Use Ad Extensions. These extensions, which can be installed on your website's content management system, can optimize the advertising interface and make it easier to use and display. The most popular of these are local extensions as well as an affiliate system. Affiliate systems have not yet been launched in Iran. You can use Native Advertising Services instead of Ad Extensions and Click Advertising instead of Collaborative Sales in Iran.
  • Use Google Promotional Pins. This way you can put your brand logo on Google Maps and not only increase users' access to you and your website, but also help your brand's reputation and reputation.
  • Use Google's smart advertising tool called AdWords Smart Bidding. This advertising system is a type of smart advertising that helps your ads to targeted users and customers.

Social Network Marketing Tips:

  • The marketing videos. Invest. Some internet marketing websites believe that by the end of 2019, nearly 80% of mobile visits will be related to video visits.
  • Don't overlook the importance of live and live videos. According to Facebook reports, live videos are nearly three times as popular as regular videos. In total, there are over 32 billion views of Facebook videos a year.
  • There is a topic in Micro-moments in online trading. Micro-moments mean that users sometimes want to acquire certain information very quickly. Some are looking to read a story; some are watching a tutorial and others are looking to watch a video quickly. Also, many times users want to be distracted for a moment or to surf the web for a while. These opportunities are important and effective moments for businesses and brands to gain market share in this way. Micro-moments are often handled by mobile phones. Google's research into user behavior has also confirmed this. According to the survey, 96% of users are in Micro-moments with their mobile phone they are looking for what they are looking for at that moment. You should take this opportunity to increase the popularity and make your brand more functional.
  • Conclusion

In today's electronics world where most mobile is dedicated, if your website is not optimized for mobile users, you will undoubtedly lose a lot of your opportunities and customers and share your success. You will present your competitors with two hands. Nowadays mobile marketing is a very good and modern platform in internet marketing and is expanding at an incredible pace. Cheap mobile traffic is not synonymous with poor quality. Buy targeted mobile traffic is of highest quality and is a great way to increase exposure to your business. All mobile traffic comes from Android or Mobile IOS. What are you waiting for! Even many experts in the field believe that in the coming years, almost all online business transactions will take place via mobile phones. Mobile marketing includes SEO optimizations for content, design optimizations for the user interface and user experience of websites as well as social networks.

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I am a sales and marketing professional with two decades of experience in delivering safely.
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