No success is too small to celebrate. People that wait for the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” often times miss out on the little wins that truly build character. Successful goal setting is about recognizing that stringing all the little wins together is the true benchmark of success.

Teens are just learning about the value of setting goals, and often forget to celebrate the little wins across their journey. A constant series of small “wins” is the perfect formula to strengthen self-esteem and demonstrate to the teen that they are winners. Celebrating small wins also helps the teen recognize that success doesn’t always come in a big package.

Sometimes teens look at their goal-path and view it as a huge mountain that’s almost insurmountable. But by breaking it down into a series of small, attainable goals, and celebrating those goals when they’re met, the teen will begin to view goal-setting as an overly positive experience, with constant wins and celebrations along the path. Celebration will encourage the teen to keep setting and achieving small goals, and hopefully the teen will begin to view the goal-setting practice as a series of constant wins and celebrations.

Some days we feel “up,” and some we feel “down.” Depending on what’s going on with one’s life, people can begin to feel overloaded with stress and negativity. There’s usually not enough time to complete everything in a day and that can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed. If one measures success by the completion of the larger picture, often times the pictures will look bleak. By celebrating small successes along the way, we’re creating a wave of constant positivity that will keep attitudes strong and give the impression of daily “wins.”

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Ivana Pejakovic, MA, is a Life Coach working with teens as they make their own journey in life. Sometimes, with distractions all around us, we accidently or intentionally step off the road to self-discovery only to end up disoriented, confused and unhappy. Teens are particularly likely to step off the right path as they search for their true self and a place to fit.

Through the principles of self-love and self-awareness, Ivana helps her clients experience fulfilment and balance, as she guides them to develop a healthy attitude and a healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem. She aims for her clients to understand their true worth and potential, to focus on what matters, and to help them develop goals and a vision to guide them in a direction that is right for them. For more information visit