We use mirrors in Feng Shui in a number of ways to improve the chi of a space, counteracting bad influences, filling in missing pieces of the trigram and improving our fortune. Here are ten ways we can hang a mirror on an interior or exterior wall of our home to improve the Feng Shui.

1. Counteract a bad influence. Some homes evoke a feeling of pressure, close quarters or darkness as we enter. Hang a mirror on the wall opposite the entrance to create a sense of openness in the space.

2. Eliminate bad chi. Hang a mirror to make a sharp point -- which directs bad chi our way -- disappear. Mirrors also enhance our own chi and increase the domain of our vision.

3. Attract auspicious chi into our space. Mirrors can attract positive chi from outside our home. Place a mirror on a wall opposite a view of natural beauty, such as a flowing stream or landscape of rolling green hills.

4. Dissect. If a large tree or building blocks the flow of chi into your home, you can “break up” its influence (and its image) by placing multiple mirrors in a position that breaks the object into smaller parts, dissipating its effect.

5. Enable chi to flow through a closed space. “Dead doors” (doors you don't open or that are blocked from opening) are bad Feng Shui. Permit the chi to flow through them by hanging a mirror on that door.

6. Expand a space. Hang a mirror on a wall to compensate for a missing part of the trigram to complete that space.

7. Turn an object upside down. You can minimize the influence of an object by turning its image upside down using a mirror. For instance, to dissipate the blocking chi of two large buildings on either side of your home (a frequent problem in city apartments), hang convex mirrors in a position to turn the images of the buildings upside down, reducing their influence.

8. Reflect the chi. If you live at the end of a T-intersection, you may have too much chi rushing too forcefully toward your home. A similar situation occurs if the side of a building is aimed at your home. Hang a ba gua mirror outside your home to reflect the element.

9. Strengthen your chi by increasing your viewing area. For example, positioning a mirror so you can see who is standing at your entrance, even from an upper level, strengthens you.

10. Show movement. Take advantage of moving shadows throughout the course of the day by hanging a mirror in your home to reflect the sun's movement into your home.

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