The test, the test, upon the test, does rest, the turning point, of your quest!

Let’s be honest, no really likes to take a test. But the test is crucial, for it tells us whether or not we have met the standard of success.

In the first stage, we examined the initial belief in an idea, or the conception of the idea. In the second stage, we saw how we must take action to instill life into the idea that it may be transferred from the immaterial world of thought, and begin to live in the material world of reality.

When an idea is first given birth into the material world, it is at that very point in time that the idea will come under the test that the material world must bring to it.

The material world will begin to resist the idea, be it the intolerance of man’s mindset (if it is an idea that affects the minds of men, as in a new science or philosophy), or even the immovability of matter itself (if it is an idea that requires the moving of material, as in building a dam or digging a tunnel through a mountain), or yet again, a combination of many ideas into one, that might challenge the belief systems of man, and move both the mind and material (as in sending a man to the moon).

A test can be for a short while, or over a longer period of time. The greater the idea, the longer the test – and endurance is required to see it through to success. Endurance throughout a test is really a separate part of the overall trial, and will be examined further in the fourth stage. For the time being, we will focus on the test itself.

The synonym of belief would be ‘faith’, or ‘trust’. The antonym would be ‘unbelief’ or ‘incredulity’; belief being the positive aspect, while unbelief being the negative. Therefore, the very true and personal enemy of belief … is unbelief. This is the spirit of the mind that will resist your faith in an idea, all along the timeline of the test. Whether the test is short or long, the enemy is the same – the real enemy is unbelief itself!

Your faith in an idea is resisted and tested by this enemy, creating a very dangerous stage for the life of the idea. You can tell that the idea is indeed meant to be; when you see that, the enemy of unbelief that is against the idea begins to resist it.

For many centuries, men resisted the idea of the abolishment of slavery in a modern society. But now that we who are living in that modern society have seen the benefits of that abolishment, can readily agree it was indeed a very good idea. The same is true for the emancipation of women, and them winning the right to vote has changed that society, making it a superior one for all.

The spirit of unbelief is fear, and fear is a liar! For we see from the above examples that we, in truth, had nothing to fear from either the emancipation of women, or the freedom of the slave. Yet, those who believed in the ideas did indeed have to endure the test to win the quest for both, and fight against the lies of the opposing forces. And, thankfully, they persisted and ultimately succeeded.

The same is true for any good idea, if indeed the seed of the idea comes from a good heart, for truth can only come from a good heart. Only the belief in the truth, and the energy that the truth provides, is able to overcome the unbelief that lives in the lie.

When the test begins, we cannot be persuaded or deluded by the appearance of the material reality, for the good idea has come into existence with the express purpose to change that reality.

The idea in the mind of Edison to create the electric light bulb was a very good one, and thankfully he was not deluded by the dullness of the gaslight, for he believed in the better and brighter idea, and endured the many failures he experienced in his quest to achieve it. When he finally passed the test, he reshaped the appearance of the world by that idea, and made it all the more bright.

The moment the test begins is also the very moment overcoming power is discharged. A power that can overcome the spirit of unbelief, if we lay hold of it swiftly and thereafter never let it fall from our grasp.

Yet, if we fear the test, we also fear to fail, and what we fear is likely to overcome us. We must believe, and know that fear is a liar, and unless we seek the truth of the idea with all of our heart, we will not overcome that fear, for only the truth can overcome the lie.

To further empower you, let your creative energy flow, that you may overcome unbelief, for it is this one and the same creative energy that first inspired the idea. Let it reign in you, and you will overcome the enemy of the idea.

This creative energy is a magnet, which draws upon an unseen power that will lead you to succeed, if you do not grow weary and give up the quest. The more creative energy you use, the more you will be given, and the more you have of this power, the less power the enemy will have to resist you.

Have faith in the energy, have faith in yourself and in your idea, for when all three are working together, the enemy of your faith is outnumbered and will retreat in defeat, and then you will win the field of victory and your idea will succeed!

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Harry Connor Jr has had over 30 years experience in the study of the esoteric, ancient manuscripts, and the scriptures. Always seeking the 'truth' by peeling back the onion skins of delusion, his writings are often controversial, yet uplifting, for he is forever the optimist. For more information on what Harry is up to go here and