This article is about that one moment in life when you have the opportunity to turn things around. It is about that one moment when you realize the meaning of something, and it is so profound, as if a bolt of lightning knocked the realization into you. It leaves you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”
You see, life gives you these moments. Life tests you, some moments you pass while other moments you fail. What I’m referring to is the moments when you have a decision to make. It is at that precise moment that the decision you make will determine how your life will go until the same opportunity presents itself again. That is a lot to throw out there, let me elaborate.
If someone does something wrong to you, regardless of how much it hurt, you will do one of two things; forgive or not forgive. The important thing to understand about all of these decisions is how they affect you. Regardless of what decision you have made, the wonderful part about life is that you can always change it. I’m going break it down a little bit.
If you choose to forgive, you are not allowing the circumstance to control you any longer. You have chosen not to stoop down to the level of the person or the situation that had a hold on you. You have dealt with the emotional attachment that it had on you.
If you choose to walk away from the situation, it either means that you have or haven’t dealt with the emotional attachment it had on you. So you have to ask yourself a couple of important questions. Have I dealt with all of the emotional issues attached to the situation? Is it helping or hindering me to stay or walk away? Am I walking away because I cannot deal with it or have I dealt with it and it just doesn’t suit me to surround myself with anyone associated with the situation?
If you choose not to forgive that is ok too. Every person in life is responsible for their own actions. In the long run, you can only control you.
The reason I brought this up is because throughout life we grow, we change, and we realize more when situations reappear in our life. You might not react the same way to something that happened ten or twenty years ago as you would today. That is the beauty in life. There is neither a right nor wrong answer regarding the decision you make. It is that one moment when you are given another situation for you to reflect and maybe change the outcome of your previous decision.
Life is about that one moment when you have the opportunity to turn things around. That one moment when you ask yourself, “Do I want this situation to consume me or will I control the outcome to the best of my abilities?” The most important thing is that you continue to grow. Situations may stay the same, people may remain the same, but that is why you learn and grow from them. This can apply to anything in life; it can have a positive, negative or no effect on you. It is up to you and how you let it affect you. You have to take advantage of the moment as life is too short. Have fun learning and growing along your journey. May love and peace follow you every moment of everyday along your journey.

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