There are several out there who associate meditation with religion and often resist themselves to making it a part of their lives. Meditation, when defined in the simplest terms, is focusing the mind on thinking of nothing and deviating it from all possible thoughts that constantly disturb us. Taking out time from your busy day and sitting in a comfortable position without any distractions is known to be beneficial in several ways.

The effect of meditation on our lives

Believe it or not, multiple negative and positive thoughts in our mind tend to make us weary and distracted while making us forget to enjoy life to the fullest. We pine for more; there is always the desire that needs to be fulfilled, unending expectations and the need to be ahead in everything just for the sake of winning the rat race. Practising meditation is something that everyone should adopt which often results in better health, a focussed life, an uplifted mood, being the observer and not the reactor, and the ability to judge between the right and the wrong. It is also known to be a great aid for stress and anxiety relief, and that is the reason why most life coaches prescribe to people who come to them for help.

Overcoming Hindrances

Despite knowing what benefits attending meditation classes in Perth has on a person’s life, there are times when people ignore it giving excuses and ignoring it. Here are a few things that are known to hinder the meditation process and along with that comes the solution to overcome it.

• The complaint of not having the time –

We all are busy people where we are to take care of the professional front, the domestic life, maintain relationships and attend to other commitments in life. We do not get to take out time to meditate. Meditation doesn’t always have to make you seated in a certain position which can calm your mind and thoughts. You can do it whenever you do not find distractions during your daily chores. How about making use of the time when you are waiting in a queue at the grocery store, the time when you are folding dry laundry or probably taking out the dishes from the washer? Concentrating on your breath and the movements that you make while performing these chores can be termed as meditation. Starting off with this is likely to adjust a specific time of the day when you get to relax and rejuvenate through meditation.

Meditation makes you fall asleep –

Not everyone can meditate on their own and often get distracted and thus make use of meditation CDs where there are life coaches taking you through the process. People complain of falling asleep while listening to the sound especially due to the soothing and calming effect it has on the eases and the mind. People say that it is a good indication that meditation has a good effect on your body while making it fall asleep. Yes, it does, but you do not get to stay awake and allow your mind to focus. Experts on spiritual life coaching in Perth are often known to advise people with such complaints to perform such activities during the day or the morning when the body isn’t tired or deviated.

• Being distracted while meditating –

It is natural for one and all to get distracted while concentrating on something. While you meditate, there are times when people or probably instances that may distract you. Life coaches are known to advise you to attend to the distraction while concentrating on your breath. That doesn’t mean you start gossiping with your friend and concentrate on your breath, you wouldn’t be able to do that. Attend to distractions such as a pet coming to you or your child crying. While petting them, you can spend time with yourself.

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The author has had experiences with attending meditation classes in Perth and has receive benefits from experts imparting spiritual life coaching in Perth.