When it comes to the presence of decks as a part of a house, there is this added aesthetics as well as a value to the house. While decks serve as an extension to the house and bridge it to the outdoors, it is often made out of timber, and often the best quality is put to use given the fact that it is something that is exposed to the changing weather conditions.

When it comes to its maintenance and care, it is something that is essential as, with it, questions on its longevity arise. Inspecting it every once in a while to check its texture, the fittings, colour, the effect of the weather on the timber, splinters, etc. is something very essential on your part. While these are the basic maintenance regimes to follow, there are several who think differently and adopt different types of maintenance and cleaning techniques which should be avoided.

Mistake 1 – Letting the summer storm clean up your deck

While it is said that sand polishes out wood in the best possible way, waiting for the summer storm to do the same isn’t a great idea though. Not always does it come along doing good stuff for people. The professionals for sanding in Mosman Park agree that it may end up in adding to the already existing dirt and grime while making a place for added dirt that will add to your troubles. Therefore, sanding your deck occasionally and keeping it clean would save you from putting that extra effort after the storm has played its part.

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Mistake 2 – Filling I the gaps with dirt and expecting it to protect the deck

While the timber in the decks, have this gap between them adding to the aesthetics which often require cleaning to remove the dirt from those crevices. There are a few people who think that covering up these gaps with dirt that it accumulates is something good which would protect the wood. Well, that is a completely wrong notion that people believe it. The dirt that these decks accumulate is known to be a combination of sand, soil, twigs, dry leaves, soot and what not. When all of these stay in those gaps without being cleaned off, they tend to rot in there and thus decreasing the longevity of the wood. When this is a frequent issue, you are likely to spend money to replace the timber over and over again.  

Mistake 3 – Oiling the deck without cleaning it first

When it comes to oiling the deck’s timber, you are putting across a protective layer that is known to protect it from further damage in the days to come. Simply sweeping the deck once and oiling it would make you notice stains after a week’s time. The experts on deck restoration in Baldivis agree that the simple reason behind this is that the surface of the wood hasn’t received the oiling as expected due to the layer of dust that it contains. Therefore, to receive the best results and watch the oiling protect the deck well, there is the need to clean the deck through preferably with pressure washing and then to oil it once it is dry.

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