The first thing that most people forget while changing their homes is moving boxes. Yes, it may sound like something simple but the thing is that when you are in a rush you may forget such simple things as well. If you forget to label your boxes you will end up misplacing things or even losing them altogether. This is where you need the help of professional Perth removalists. It might seem to be a small mistake at the outset but the effect that it can have on the whole activity of moving itself is huge. You will feel it especially when you have moved to your new house.

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The bunch of important Keys

Yes, people often forget their keys when they are moving homes. The most important among them are the keys for your car as well as your old and new house. In fact, you might forget them even on a normal day and in a day when you are in such rush, as is the case with a moving day, there is greater chance that you might forget the keys. In fact, on this day you have to take care of one more set of keys – one for your older home – that you need to hand over to your old landlord as well as for the new house where you would be moving into.

Using the correct material to pack

If you do not use the right material to pack, you can be sure that there would be issues. The biggest risk that you face with such a mistake is that your goods can be damaged. If the boxes are not strong enough to hold what you have put inside them then they might collapse under that excess weight and just give way. If you put them in bin bags and if the weight in them is much more than what they can bear then they will be torn open and the items inside will be scattered and damaged. This is why you need companies that are professionally in the business of Perth house removals who would not just come up with the apt packing material but also ensure that each of your belongings are safe.


Quite often you may leave food in their refrigerators and this happens even when you are moving. It could happen because you did it on purpose or because you just forgot about it while paying attention to other chores while moving. No matter what, if there is food in your refrigerator it could be wasted because the freezer always has to be unplugged and defrosted before it is moved. In your new home too you would have to wait at least 2 hours before you can switch the refrigerator back on. This means that the perishable items in there would probably be wasted.

Informing schools and the workplace

If you have kids at home it would obviously make sense to let their schools know that on the moving day and perhaps a couple of days later as well they would not be able to make it there as well as the change of correspondence address. However, normally you could be in such rush and so preoccupied with other things that you may completely forget about it. This is why it is better to notify your kids’ schools first – preferably on the very day that the dates are decided. The same applies to your workplace as well where prior information can let them be aware of your movements.

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