When it comes to cleaning the house, we end up paying attention to a lot of areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, tiles, grout, carpets, mattresses, etc. and often ignore the most frequently used area – the couch.

The couch is the something that not just gives us comfort while watching TV or probably ushering in guests but is something that adds to the decor of the house. While it forms an important part of the house a whole, there is the need to keep it clean all the time. Either making use of vacuum cleaners on a regular basis or calling in professionals to help out, you should ensure that your couch is clean.

The reason why such a lot of emphasis is put on keeping the couch clean is the deadly results that a dirty couch has. Here is a quick explanation to help you out.


The Existence of Dust Mites

Now when talking about these pests, you may think that they are limited only to carpets and mattresses. Well, they are also present in couches as they have a similar structure where the foam underneath retains dust and thus there is the breeding of dust mites. The faeces and the residue of these mites are known to trigger health issues such as asthma, breathing problems, allergies, sneezing, etc. especially when you spend a lot of time on the couch on a daily basis.

The Presence of Mould

Mould or fungi is something that grows on areas that are moist and is often noticed on the tiles and grouts. Well, couches contain soft and permeable fabric that has the ability to retain moisture from the air. With not much of a chance for free air circulation, there is the growth of mould in the couches which leads to health complications such as asthma and allergies. Mould can also form when there are food crumbs left behind on the couch especially when you like to nibble on food while relaxing and entertaining yourself for an extended period.

The Presence of Illness Virus and Bacteria

If you have a cold or probably fever and rest yourself on the couch for an extended period, there are chances that the couch would retain the virus in itself. While you have kids and pets at home or probably anyone else who makes use of the couch, there are chances that the virus would spread through the couch. Letting the professionals for upholstery cleaning in Sydney to clean the couch during such times prevents the spread of infection and thus keeping everyone safe.

Body Oils and Food Greases

There are times when we accidentally spill greasy food while on the couch, and the fabric retains it. Our body and head too emit natural oils which get transferred to the couch, and that is oaked up by the couch. These are the specific areas that are known to retain more dirt when compared to the rest. Apart from the dirt accumulation, there is the presence of horrendous stains that disturb the aesthetics. Deep cleaning or shampooing with the relevant equipment ensures that oils are removed for a cleaner couch.

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The author Ron Spencer has had experiences with hiring professionals for upholstery cleaning in Sydney who own the right equipment to clean couches.