Choose a marquee for your corporate event for an impressive venue with the ultimate in flexibility. Marquees allow you to project a corporate image in the way you want, and ensures that this perception will be of organisation and attractiveness.

Choosing a marquee is both an impressive way to showcase your business and a practical way to boost your workspace. There are many uses of corporate marquees such as hospitality, presentations, product launches, exhibitions, demonstrations, training, storage, and use as a temporary work area. The key reason why corporations are using marquees is because of the flexibility they offer. There are a huge range of marquees for hire, with many different features. The size of the marquee is down to you, as is the location where you choose to host it. No set venue event hire offers this flexibility.Many venues offering event hire of rooms do so in exchange for overpriced menus or bar prices.

A marquee means you can source your own catering or drinks providers, which will be much more cost-effective and tailored to your event. The flexibility of marquees for hire means you do not need Mother Nature on your side. Marquees also allow larger products to be displayed at your event, such as vehicles. Marquees also allow you to choose from personalisation features. You have complete control over the size and location, but also the design and look of your event. Flooring can be wooden, carpeted, or feature a dance floor, or perhaps you only require the grass which is already there. Windows are options offered by many marquee-hire agencies, as is choosing your own layout, open walls and walk-throughs.Seating, tables and other furniture can be as relaxed or formal as the event requires, and Lighting is up to you too.

Some marquees for hire have clear roofs for maximum natural lighting, or you can have a personalised lighting system to suit your event, whether it is a disco-theme, or mood lighting such as LEDS on black drapes to create a ‘sky’. Heating may be required for your marquee event hire. Like lighting and design, a good marquees for hire agency will be able to point you in the right direction of reputable companies for heating, or perhaps offer the services themselves. A thermostatically controlled heater will keep your corporate event at your optimum temperature. Your corporate event may require media equipment. Perhaps you will be using a projector and a screen, or maybe you will require a soundsystem. Marquees can be arranged in the grounds of a stately home, the grounds of your business, or any other location; and wooden floorings mean that they can even be erected on uneven ground.

You can create your corporate event away from interruptions, making them the ideal space for showing a presentation in peace or playing loud music without complaints. The customisation options mean that you will spend less time and money trying to change the look of a room, and you can also outsource cheaper food and drinks retailers. Marquees for hire will mean your corporate event is tailored to your needs.

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Morton’s Event Hire have a range of different sizes and shapes of marquees available to hire for corporate and private events. They are also able to provide design features and luxury toilets, as well as designing your corporate marquees and its seating plan, if it requires one.