All women have been guilty of buying underwear in bulk because it was on sale. Buy five for ten bucks and you're basically sorting out an underwear container. Even though it equals two dollars for a pair of panties, it's still too much to pay when not only does it do nothing for your body, but it also makes it look flabby. So the question is, why pay to look bad no matter how small the amount? The answer is simply because women just don't know that the secret to looking fabulous starts right in their underwear drawer. If it is not full of slimming underwear, the clothes will not show its maximum effect, no matter how expensive it is. The priorities should be different: good quality underwear first and then warm clothing second as underwear will shape and then show that body.

We've all seen the dreaded visible pant lines that basically cut the butt like ropes in a roasted pot. Not a nice description to describe someone's derriere, is it? So why women continually do this to themselves is a mystery. Or, to avoid the visible lines of the panties, they will use g-strings. Well, it's not a good idea either unless the pants can lift a saggy butt. All of these troublesome problems are solved if women only invest in a solid pair of compression slimming underwear. The visible lines of the panties would disappear as the seamless cuffs would go mid-thigh in bike shorts and you'll get the added benefits of a cheery rear, slimmer hips and thighs, and a flatter stomach.

Slimming underwear is not only for mortal women, but it is also probably the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Renowned actresses wear these undergarments all the time when taking their photos on the red carpet. Slimming underwear is almost instantaneous liposuction, but without the pain and cost.

The next time you open your underwear drawer, do yourself a favor and discard all the underwear you bought on sale and replace it with control underwear that will shape your body properly,

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The benefits of slimming underwear