If you have been looking for the best Extra Torrent Alternatives out there because you have been wanting to use it and make the most out of it then look no further because there are a lot of them that should be available to you, you do not even have to worry so much about them and you can just enjoy it as you try them out. You just need to find the one that suits you the most and in terms of that, there are a lot of them that you can easily select from. Here are some of the best alternatives that you can try out that you would surely find useful for you in the long run.


This one might seem like the new kid but it would be going head on with all of the big time sites. This one mostly goes to target gamers since most of the things it offers are verified games. If you have a game in mind then you would surely be able to find it right here so you would not have to worry about anything at all. The interface might not be as friendly as what you are used to in terms of other sites like YTS but it definitely has a lot of goods to offer to you so you might want to consider that when choosing a site. It is always nice to go for the ones that caters to your needs and if you are looking for a game then you need not look any further because this is going to be able to help you to achieve just that.


When it comes to finding a wide variety of things from documentaries to applications, to anime and even music then 1337x is definitely the right place for you. Unlike a lot of sites that only limits you to getting basic type of entertainments like TV shows and movies, this one is going to give you everything that you want and everything that you need. This is very useful especially when it comes to being able to download a lot of applications and it is known to allow faster setup. With its large variety of things to download for, it will surely let you enjoy a lot and it is going to help you when it comes to a great deal of things as well so you might want to consider that too. If you are looking for a great interface then this is definitely one of the bests that you will see and it will help you ease into it in no time so that you can fully enjoy everything that is being offered to you as well.

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