A bead is something that is small that people can use on different occasions. A bead is generally shaped like a sphere but there are some beads that look like cubes and some look like polygons when they have different edges. Beads are generally used for a lot of different things and there are different types like seed beads and more. They are small and can add some flair to apparel and be used as art pieces. That being said, here are just a few things where beads can be useful.

What Are Beads Used For

1. Beads can be used to make bracelets and anklets. These beads have tiny holes within them and a person making a bracelet can easily slide in the thread or string that will be used to hold the beads together forming the bracelet. There are other accessories made from beads like a necklace and even the rosary is made from beads.

2. Beads are also used to liven up a piece of apparel. We are talking about clothes that you can wear on your body ranging from shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, shorts, and more. The beads are added on and in fact, some clothes are generally covered by beads as a design choice.

3. Beads can also be used to give a distinct design to some accessories and items. Think about those bags that can have beads sewn on them. You could also put beads on your shoes on your cell phone cover, and others.

4. You can also use beads as a form of art. There are those art pieces that have people use beads and create some kind of artwork on a mat or piece of cloth using beads. The beds that are used here can be a bit bigger than most beads but they are practically the same.

5. There are people that use beads as a part of their games. What their game is would be up to them but beads are useful in that aspect as well.

Just a few things to consider about beads

6. You can easily buy beads in your local area. You could also go online if you want to find beads that have more interesting designs and colors.

7. The thing to keep in mind is that beads are not sold by the piece. Most of them are already packed and you get a lot of them. There are also beads that are sold by weight but that are a rare occasion.

8. Beads can also be made from different materials depending on your needs. There are some that have holes in them for you to pass your string through but some that don’t have holes if that’s what you like.

9. Be careful when it comes to having beads at home. This is important especially when you have young children running around. They might eat the beads and swallow them which can be very dangerous.

There are a lot of beads in the world for you to choose from and there are a lot of them that have different uses as well.

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