The 5S system is a Japanese-based set of principles with the idea that an organized workspace results in better employee productivity and increased workplace safety. It is a method of workplace organization to increase employee productivity and work efficiency.

1. Seiri (Sort)- The first principle of the 5S system is about arranging all work items, equipment, and materials properly and removing anything unnecessary. The goal of sorting is to reduce extra clutter in the workplace. Eliminating unused and unnecessary items will help create more space for necessary things.

2. Seiton (Set in order)- This step is about organizing and storing items in their optimal and ergonomic locations, often referred to as “visual management”. The goal is to make work equipment and items easily accessible to employees. Proper storage and tool organization help minimize workplace injuries and create a safer work environment.

3. Seiso (Shine)- The objective of the third principle of the 5S system is to create a clean and well-maintained workplace to motivate employee productivity and create a better work environment. This step helps employees feel comfortable in their workspaces and focus on their work.

4. Seiketsu (Standardize)- The fourth step is about standardizing the previous measures and implementing them across all branches of an organization. Its objective is to gain and maximize the benefits of the previous steps across all the aspects of a company.

5. Shitsuke (Sustain)- The last and final step of the 5S system is about sustaining and maintaining the positive effects caused by the previous steps. Its objective is to optimize an organization’s potential by eliminating everything that hinders productivity. Take the initiative and get involved with your employees in the process of making 5S a part of your company culture.

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