Peptide gets increasingly recognized by scientists for its potential in therapeutics from diagnostics to treatment. This article is to discuss the general applications of peptide in the area and lead to better understanding toward it as a group of chemicals.

To make it simple, peptides are consisted of amino acids by peptide bond and they can be considered as a part of proteins which are made of numerous peptides, and that’s to say peptide and proteins can be distinguished from their sizes. Peptides are much smaller than protein, causing many special attributes like more easily to be absorbed as drugs or cosmetics.

Peptides for Diagnostics
Specific peptides are naturally intimate to acidic and hypoxic tissues that are features of tumor and inflammation spots. Thus labeling with fluorescent substance, such peptides can be used for diagnostic purpose like imaging and help the inspection process.

Peptides for drugs
Pharmaceutical peptides should be the most common applications of it. As mentioned above, the small size grants them being easy to be absorbed, which is of great significance for drugs. Cell-penetrating peptides are a typical group of such peptides to understand this character. They can pass through the cell membrane and take effects inside cells. Then healthy cells can keep innocent in diseases treatment, thus to decrease side effects.

With intense studies on peptides, they have been discovered effective for many diseases treatment, including tau peptide for Alzheimer’s diseases, chelate peptide for cancer treatment, glucagon-like peptide-1 for diabetes, etc. they are just examples and the practical available peptides are not limited to them.

Peptides for cosmetics
Cosmetic peptides shouldn’t be unfamiliar as they have been applied in various products for their quick and long lasting effects, and even some facial masks contain peptides to assist in moisture locking and whitening. Another peptides frequently involved need is anti-wrinkle. Epidermal Growth Factor is one of the peptides used for anti-wrinkle.

However, peptides involved in such fields are supposed to be made complying with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure most importantly safety when use them.

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