If you are a foodie with an inclination towards Indian cuisines, North India is the place for you to visit. The entire North Indian belt is home to some of the most sumptuous cuisines that will leave you drooling.

However, if you are in Singapore, that should not act as a damper. Singapore is home to some exotic restaurants that offer those mouth-watering North Indian dishes.

Shahi Paneer is one of them. This lip-smacking Punjabi cuisine comes with some exotic taste, look and feel that will be a real treat for your eyes and your taste buds.



Why It Reigns?

‘Variations’ reigns supreme in the realm of Shahi Paneer. They come up in a wide range of varieties, and it is this element that makes the difference.
For instance, when things come to preparing shahi paneer, with just a change in the way here and a change in the way there, you can add a tinge of difference to the taste and the flavour. There lies the real catch!

Take, for instance, the Mughalai Shahi paneer inspires the very concept of Punjabi shahi paneer. Yet, Punjabi shahi paneer has its own taste to relish. Use of tomatoes and spices in the gravy will give it a red-orange shade, just like customary Punjabi recipe.

The Healthy Ingredients

Though like any traditional North Indian food in Singapore, Shahi Paneer is pretty spicy and filling, though it is by no way unhealthy.

The principal ingredients include paneer, cashews, freshly produced onions and gingers, tomatoes, green chilli, garlic. The whole spices include green cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, cloves.

The spice powders include red chilli and coriander powder, a mixture of cumin and cardamon, coriander, coriander powder, dry fenugreek leaves and green cardamom seed powder.

Then it has saffron and heavy whipping cream, which makes the dish rich and creamy. Besides, there is cilantro that is used to garnish the dish.
Therefore you see, none of the ingredients is unhealthy, though when prepared thoroughly they would add an element of spice, the very soul and the taste of North India!

What Makes This Dish So Popular In Singapore?

The reason being, Singapore at present is home to some of the finest restaurants that feature some of the best Indian chefs who prepare some exquisite Indian dishes.

Moreover, the fact that the recipe is available widely makes it all the more popular. As you know, availability of any food item, coupled with the simplicity of preparing it and its taste, accumulate into one thing - popularity!

That is what makes this astounding North Indian dish a huge hit in Singapore.



The Options.

The options are wide open when it comes to enjoying shahi paneer in Singapore. You can dine-out, or you can place an order to one of those delivery companies for a quick and timely Punjabi cuisine delivery in Kallang. Then again, there are certain restaurants in Singapore, which have food delivery services for their patrons.

In fact, this is one good option for families with kids or elders, for whom dining out is not a very effortless option.

That is the reason all these Singapore restaurants are trendy dining destinations for those who are in love with the North Indian cuisines, more so the Punjabi dishes.

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a restaurant in Singapore that offers North Indian food, besides offers Punjabi cuisine delivery services in Kallang. The author is also a master chef and is an avid blogger.