The benefits of water cannot be over-emphasized for hydrating the human body, since we consists of 80% water. It is a survival necessity in our daily life, because the more we move in purposeful activity; the more energy we generate and the more water evaporates from our body. We constantly need to replenish our neutral water supply that feeds our body's needs.

In order to understand the properties of water and how it can heal our body; we need to understand the basic chemical structure of water. Water comprises of molecules. In each molecule there is a chemical structure of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, known as the symbol H²0. (² is up instead of down lower. I cannot change it in a Word document). When the hydrogen atom stands alone, it contains one positive proton at its core and one negative electron revolving around it; whereas an oxygen atom contains 8 protons in the center, with eight negative electrons circling around it.

This one single hydrogen electron and 8 oxygen electrons is the key to ingredient to the chemistry of life; because hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to form water. If not, they split to become ions which are attracted to other molecules that create other forms of matter.

Water is solvent, because the single hydrogen atom converts into ions; by losing its one single electron to form a single H+ (positive) ion. Conversely, the oxygen atom maintains its four paired electrons, but attracts the hydrogen atom, because it remains the same with 4 pairs of electrons and becomes a negative atom. The opposing forces are attracted to one another...

In an ideal environment, drinking water has a Ph of 7.5 that is neutral, meaning it is chemically balanced. Our internal body functions in the neutral zone and demands neutral water, for replacing water that evaporates, or is used inside our internal body. It means we need to drink plenty of natural water that maintains a healthy body

Yet how many people actually drink tap water in the western culture? We are led to believe that bottled water is safer and drinking carbonated drinks can be healthy with their vitamins and additives.

This is not the case, as all manufactured fluids are acidic, which includes bottled water! This is what is creating much of the problems in our bodies today and causing the steady increase in chronic conditions. There is too much consumption of acid in our drinks, which our body is unable to neutralize, so the acids are left in our body, to work on damaging our body instead.

Think of what you drink each day - coffee, tea, fruit juice, canned soda drink like coke, lemonade, sprite, alcohol and even bottled water! You are better drinking filtered tap water, than paying to buy bottled water. At least tap water is free!

If you are having chronic pains and discomforts in your daily performance, then you should think about drinking alkaline water. The alkaline water will help to heal the problems in your body. The reason is that alkaline water has strong negative ions in its chemical structure, which when drunk; is attracted to the loose positive hydrogen ions that remain in your body, from the acid that you have consumed. The positive ions, if left in your system, will seek out any weakness in organs or tissues; attaching to the weak areas, penetrating them to cause chronic illness. The negative ions consumed, will seek the positive ions out and neutralize them; so they can be disposed of through the kidneys.

It sounds a bit far-fetched! But I personally can support this theory; because I have been drinking alkaline water for 2 years. Virtually overnight, the water has cured the excruciating pain in my hand joints' particularly my thumbs, from severe and very painful osteoarthritis. The pain had reduced my ability to perform any normal, daily living functional tasks; into a nightmare of relentless pain and suffering, with no ease from the acute pain.

In three years, the pain became so bad; that I was on the waiting list for orthopedic surgery to remove the carpal bones from both thumbs. This procedure was designed to reduce the pain by 60%.

Instead, I started drinking alkaline water. Within a week, I was 70% pain- free and after 2 weeks, I was 95% pain-free, with only minimal discomfort in both thumb joints. I could have been 100% free of pain, if I chose not to consume any acidic drinks in my life ever again.

However, the quality of my life deserves one cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine with dinner and a pint of beer at the pub in the evening. The sacrifices I have made for this change are: no carbonated drinks at all. Only one cup of coffee and tea, made with my own water. If I go out, I take my own water, or take a flask of tea. This has become my acceptable way of life, when I think of what I had to suffer before.

In my academic career, my research on change led me to belief that small changes are necessary, for leading to permanent change. However, in this situation, the change has to be radical or it will not successfully work. This is because if you continue to drink too much acid, all ionized or acidic water will be doing is mopping up your acid drinks and not working on the healing of your body.
That is why I am not 100% pain-free, only 95% pain-free; because after 2 weeks of totally consuming alkaline water. I allowed myself to drink one cup of coffee using ionized water, one cup of tea suing ionized water, a glass of wine with food and an occasional beer. For this, I am willing to accept a very small degree of discomfort, for an acceptable quality of life. It is a small price to pay, than a lifetime of suffering with pain

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The author Gail McGonigal, owns a website called Active Living Solutions Ltd. She is a qualified Occupational Therapist, creating a niche market in comfortable, ergonomic daily living products. These products are about disability, but enabling products to help improve customer's quality of life. Gail uses them herself and believes they improve her own active lifestyle as she ages. Gail also wants to help customers remain productively active in daily living with their own limitations. Gail has started by selling ergonomic chairs, because Gail has overcome back problems through ergonomic sitting. She is now adding alkaline water ionized water to her sales: because it has overcome the severe pains in her own hands from the erosion of osteoarthritis. Gail wants you to try the water with a new portable ionizer at less cost and can take wherever you go, but still have ionized, or alkaline water. She uses both the large machine attached to her kitchen taps and the portable ionizer, when she is on trips away from home and away from her machine.