Most of the time, we are busy trying to categorize what we do either as right or wrong. We often tend to glorify the good and shun the bad and whomever that practices it. So where does the “TRUTH” come in?

Here’s an example:
Let’s say you watch the following example on a show or something (to make it less scary and personal). There is a guy robbing a lady and trying to snatch her handbag away from her, while the lady on the other hand is whacking this guy pretty hard, even after he falls down and doesn’t get up again. Now, this guy ends up injured pretty badly. What people may say is “right” is: the lady hitting this robber was the right thing to be done. She was protecting herself and he deserved it for causing havoc. The “wrong” thing would be: the guy shouldn’t steal from the poor innocent lady. He should do the “right” thing and work his way up and earn his own money. But where does the truth stand in all of this? How do we, as bystanders, know which is the truth?

Maybe, the robber was trying to get a quick buck, or maybe he was really desperate and in need of quick cash to support and save his family or something. I mean, sure, you don’t ask the robber when he’s robbing you, but I am sure there is a reason for his doings, so there shouldn’t really be a reason to look down on him. Let’s say I was the lady, if I did manage to knock this guy out, I wouldn’t continue hurting him when he is defenceless, I would either run away or call the cops then run away.

Now, the “right” and the “wrong” can get awfully confusing and contradicting isn’t it?

But all that really matters is the truth. The truth is the entire foundation of this Universe, the truth is the key to setting someone free. Maybe the robber’s Heart asked him to steal from that lady. We can’t really argue with someone’s Spiritual Heart now can we, especially since that Heart is directly linked to Nature and has a purpose for everything it does. Now is that robber a “good” guy or a “bad” guy?

Well, the truth is, THE TRUTH about this entire situation could be various different things, we just wouldn’t know it if we keep speculating about it. One thing we can do to find out the truth about a situation is ask the people directly involved. Asking other bystanders like you would only lead to more speculation as you wouldn’t know if they made up what the said or if the misinterpreted the truth in the first place.

Personally, I believe the truth is far more important than meeting other people’s expectations of right or wrong, especially since right and wrong differs with each individual. If you really are truthful and listening to your Heart and does what it tells you to do (for more on being truthful and listening to your heart, check out ), then not would these tools guide you, but they would get you out of any mess that you are in, even if it puts you in the mess in the first place.

Right and wrong can always differ with perspective, situations and time, but with the truth, it’s different. See, with the truth, it’s just the truth, neither right nor wrong. It is just what it is. And that’s the truth.

- Heerraa

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