When contemplating toll free vanity numbers, it is not hard to understand why many companies find them to be important. To do so, simply remember all the commercials that direct you to their contact number, which happens to spell out their company identify or product. This is a very common practice during television commercials where the spelling is performed on screen, so that the viewer subconsciously begins to memorize what he is seeing and hearing at the same time. Additionally, it can brand a particular number, as in 1-800-insures. It can help customers remember a number long enough to write it down in addition to introduces a subtle link in a customer’s mind. Also when a contact number is easy to remember or attractive, it provides some sense of legitimacy to the company. As an example, would you be more apt to call 1-800-random digits or 1-800-insures when looking for insurance.

Another advertising advantage for particular digits is their familiar rhythm. An example is 1-800-800-8888. While being remembered easily, the digits don't require those to be written down generally. In addition, the rhythm is pleasing on the ear. As most commercials repeat the number either two or three times at the end of their pitch, the phone number is appealing and not irritating to the listener, raising the product possibly higher in their minds.

However, because this is such a popular and effective marketing technique, the availability of key numbers could be tricky. Comparing this to the race for domain names for a website, if you sold insurance, your first impulse would rightly be to get the domain name “insurance.com." If you got that domain name, you would be swamped with new contacts from all over the country every day. Of course, your thousands of insurance competitors will have had a similar impulse, and the race for that particular domain name was run and won decades ago.

For toll free vanity numbers this is very much the case, while a common and catchy number has already been set up when it comes to easy numbers such as 1-800-800-8888. You have a better prospect of finding a specialty number that spells out your desired word, as long as there isn't a lot of competition for that word. Finding whether your desired toll free number can be acquired is a lot like trying to find an available domain name. Checking a toll free number service directory will be required when you have established a list of your preferred selections. Be it a third party provider or perhaps your own local telephone carrier, someone will be happy to aid you in your search for the perfect number. With a third party provider, you would need a hosted number, meaning that your telephone carrier would host the third party service and it would be available on your current land lines.

Not wishing to just lease the number, a more sensible choice would be to own the number and that will have to be considered when obtaining a toll free vanity number. Although some providers offer domain names online, they are a subset of their own domain name therefore in comparison to contact number the same hold true. While this might be a great idea it typically isn't as subset names can be different and might not relate to your company. Also your domain will be in complete control by another business which is not an asset for you. Never leasing, you will need to out right own your toll free phone number for exactly the same reason, complete control. Owning your number also will allow you the option of taking the number to another provider should the need be necessary.

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