The worst thing about owning a home is that everything crawling and flying seems to want to destroy it. Creatures of all descriptions want to chew away at the structure to such an extent that they can literally bring it down. Indeed, what the owner sees as a lovely home, the creatures just see as an easy food source. Termite pest control is exactly what it says it is because there is never any
to get rid of them forever. The only thing that termite control does is to keep them away from the building in question, but they will go elsewhere to eat if necessary.

These creatures see homes as an easy food source. Once the lead creatures have found the home, they lay scent trails along their tunnels to show others where to get that free meal. So just killing the hunters is not really the right thing to do. Indeed, the whole object of this exercise is to kill the queen of the colony so that the rest of them follow suit. Once she dies, the whole colony will die since she is the only one laying eggs.

The old method of keeping them at bay used to work to some extent but there are more modern methods now. It used to be that the whole garden or surround to the home had to be dug up to quite a profundity so that gallons of chemicals could be poured in to form a type of chemical barrier to the crawling things.

This did work to some degree but many did not like the disruption caused or the use of such toxic materials being poured into the earth for sure. After some time the chemicals would break down and the whole cycle would start all over again.

If the garden was mature, or a masterpiece of planting, this meant that everything would have to come out. For it to get back to normal would obviously take an inordinate amount of time which would certainly put people off the whole idea. Coupled with this the fact that some buildings are actually not surrounded by the garden and one can see how the problems get more complicated.

These days, the experts have taken over with new methods of termite controlling without too much disruption. Feeding tubes are sunk into the ground, and this could be concrete sidewalks too, at regular intervals around the building which is to be treated.

Food, with the poison, of course, is left in the tubes for the creatures to come and take. The idea is that they take food back to the queen where she will eventually succumb to the poison and the story ends there. However, since these are permanent fixtures, any future infestation can be taken care of quite quickly since operatives keep checking at regular intervals to see if the food has been touched. This system has been used on historic buildings so look for round caps set into the sidewalk around places of interest to see which ones they are.

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