Welsh gold and love spoons are prized by the citizens of Wales. Welsh love spoons are a traditional symbol of love and have been a custom since the 17th century. They were carved by men from a single piece of wood and adorned with intricate knots and delicate designs. Then the love spoons were given to the women they loved. It was the ideal form of proposal before diamond rings came into play. Now you can have the two most beloved possessions in Wales as symbols of your heritage. Clogau Gold has a collection of love spoon jewelry made from rare Welsh gold.

Each design carved on a wooden spoon has a particular meaning. For example, a spoon with a cross represented a lover's faith in the Lord and how he would remain just as faithful to his beloved. A flower carved on a spoon symbolizes that she is trying to woo the woman she presents the spoon to and declare her love. A horseshoe is a symbol of good luck. A vine represents a man's growing love for the woman he pursues. Celtic knots are common designs carved into love spoons that symbolize undying love for one another. A love spoon made of Welsh gold is the ideal romantic gift for anyone to present to their loved one. Clogau Gold has a collection of spoons that includes rings, earrings, bracelets, as well as various pendants and necklaces. These love spoons are offered in a combination of rose and yellow gold or silver and rose gold.

The entire Clogau gold collection contains a touch of rare Welsh gold mined from the Snowdonia Mountains. If you visit the National History Museum in St. Fagans, Cardiff, you will have a chance to see the oldest known love spoon. Clogau Gold also has a love spoon ring with a topaz stone that would be great for someone wanting to propose. It could represent the modern promise ring or the eternity ring for couples who like to celebrate their commitment to each other. The best part about using Clogau Gold is that you have a piece of your Welsh heritage wherever you go. Welsh gold is getting rarer every day as the supply decreases. It would be a good idea to buy Welsh gold while it is still available. Birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, weddings and many other milestones in life are the perfect opportunities to invest in Welsh gold.

If you want to stay true to tradition, Clogau Gold also offers a wooden spoon that you can present to your partner. Clogau Gold's wooden spoon has a padlock and several hearts carved on it. The padlock symbolizes that you will stay true and true to the relationship while the hearts represent your affection. It is important to remember the culture and tradition and pass them on from generation to generation. Welsh gold jewelry is a heirloom that you can pass on and also a way to preserve your heritage for more information visit here https://www.thedarksideofthespoon.shop/

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The perfect combination: Welsh Love and Welsh Gold spoons