You probably think the secret to making more money is through hard work and perseverance.

Or could you think that money goes to those who deserve it or have good luck?

Well, my goal is to help you change the way you think about money, because the way you think about money determines your ability to attract it. What you have in your wallet or bank account is just feedback on how you think and feel about money.

I invite you to consider this ...

Your journey to financial abundance or whatever else ... is an emotional journey.

You will see that we constantly radiate, vibrate, or emit energy based on our emotions, which can sometimes change from hour to hour and minute to minute. Think of yourself as having little transmitters that send energy (vibrations) based on how you feel.

Well, if you feel "lacking" or as if you don't have enough, you cannot attract abundance; it is a different energy (vibration). If you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity because the Law of Attraction states that you attract anything that has a similar vibration.

Your goal, then, to have more money and abundance is to get into vibrational alignment with abundance. In other words, you have to immerse yourself in its energy.

Now you are probably wondering how I can do that. Well I know you are already experiencing it:

- Abundance is that WooHoo feeling when you walk into a parking spot and find 25 cents on the parking meter. I'm right, do you celebrate with a little WooHoo?

- Abundance is that quick little burst of excited energy you get when you find a buy one offer and get one free.

- It's that feeling of luck when you scratch the winning numbers from the lottery ticket.

- It's the feeling when you park in the front row.

- And it's the feeling when you find out you're getting a check in the mail.

That is abundance! It is the general feeling of well-being. It is the feeling of having "enough" or "more than" that is quite different from the feeling associated with "lack" or "not enough."

The good news is that the feeling of abundance can be doubled. Remember when you played charades and had to act out the feeling of excitement, anger, or worry? Well, you can also step into the energy of abundance on purpose and then the powerful universal energy (Law of Attraction) will match it and bring you more of the same. Woo Hoo!

How to do it:

Money has little to do with dollars and cents ... it has a lot to do with getting into energy or feeling abundance.

1. Find evidence of abundance and celebrate it in the moment!

2. Double the feeling by conjuring up a memory of a time when you felt abundant and enjoy it.

3. Record the evidence. Create an abundance journal and write down all the evidence that appears.

You are now in the energy of Abundance and as you record it in your journal, it is as if you are fooling the Law of Attraction. You will see that Law of Attraction does not know if you are experiencing it first hand, remembering it, playing charades and acting on abundance, or recording it in your journal. It's getting your vibe and saying "I can match that, let's give them more!"

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3. Record the evidence. Create an abundance journal and write down all the evidence that appears.