Do you want to complement your rustic-style home? So, you just have to look at the abundant modern shake roof options available. Here, we’ll guide you through the shake-style roofing.

What are Wooden Shakes?

The shakes are wooden shingles individually applied to form a roof. They are made from hand-split wooden logs.

They were a popular roofing material. Their making requires simple tools. Besides, they are easy to install and are lightweight.

What Is Shake-Style Roofing?

The old version of shake-style roofing was made by splitting a log. Therefore, the expression “shake-style” referred to “wooden shingles” for a long time.

Shake roofing was particularly popular in the United States during the Colonial period, thanks to the new nation’s abundance of lumber.

Nowadays, shake roofing shingles are made of fiberglass and asphalt. Their design simulates the looking of hand-split wood shakes. But, they have a more affordable price.

Shake-Style vs. Wooden Shakes

Modern shake roofing imitates the wood shakes looking.

Besides, they’re thicker than regular asphalt shingles and offer resistance to fire, snow, ice, and wind. That’s why their popularity is growing. Actually, most new roofs have shake-style roofing shingles.

Wooden Shakes Pros and Cons

Wooden Shakes Pros:

• Homeowners appreciate them for their durability.
• They offer an aesthetic aging appeal. Over time, they transform from bright, warm red and brown tones to a distinguished gray color.
• They’re energy-efficient, and you can recycle them into mulch and chips.
Wooden Shakes Cons:
• Wooden roof shakes require high maintenance. They will split, curl, and weak the roofing system integrity if they don’t receive proper and regular maintenance.
• They tend to show wear-and-tear easily. The exposition to weather elements and poor ventilation can damage them seriously in a relatively short time.
• With wooden shakes, the risk of fire is always present.
• You’ll have to pay a lot in insurance with a wooden shake roof due to the associated fire risk. Indeed, some companies even don’t insure homes with this type of roof.
• Wooden shakes are very expensive. Their cost is between three and six times higher than the cost of asphalt shingles.

Nevertheless, an affordable shake-style roof alternative combines style and protection.

Shake-Style Pros and Cons

To extend your roof life and reduce energy costs, you should use modern construction and roofing materials. Thus, you have to consider shake-style roofing shingles.

Shake-Style Pros:

• Shake-style roofing shingles are virtually maintenance-free. They won’t rot or decompose like natural wooden shakes.
• These shingles are energy-efficient, Class A fire-resistant, and have Energy Star certification.
• They’re fade-resistant and lightweight.
• Shake-style roofing can last longer. Besides, comes with a long-term warranty.
• Some premium lines are even algae-resistant for up to 10 years.
Shake-Style Cons:
• They are a non-recyclable material.
• They are less energy-efficient than some other roofing options, such as metal roofs.
• When poorly installed, asphalt shake-style roofing doesn’t resist high winds, hail, and storms as other roofing materials do.

Is it the Right Choice for Your Home?

Do you like the traditional wooden shake roof appeal? Do you want to preserve that Old World charm? So, if you choose shake-style shingles, you don’t have to worry.

Today’s shake-style roofing shingles feature a look almost identical to wooden shakes. Also, they are available in a variety of colors that harmonize with any trim, stucco, or siding.

Thanks to the shake-style roofing variety of colors and designs, roofers can blend and layer them to give your roof a distinctive style. This feature can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

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