Two men walk into 12 step meeting.
One will leave gambling in his past forever.
The other will be forever controlled by his addiction to gambling.

There are many mistakes we can make during recovery.
We've all made a mistake or two.
We're given so many rules to apply in so little time, a mistake is bound to happen.

So what's the biggest mistake to me made?

According to this author, it's attempting to stop on your own.
Overcoming an addiction to gambling alone is by far the most difficult way to stop.

We're up against the gaming industry, their marketing, advertisements, thousands of employees, years of research, & more.

We're up against our own addiction, the relentless thoughts and urges to gamble, & the need to win back at least some of what we've lost.

A gambling addiction plays many tricks on the gamblers mind.

And to overcome gambling for good, we must use as many resources as possible.

Now that the mistake is identified, on to the solution.

TIP #1:
SEEK ONGOING TREATMENT. Inpatient, outpatient, therapy based, 12 step, its up to you.

TIP #2:
GET 1 ON 1 SUPPORT. Great support comes from someone who has been in your shoes & knows how to help you get out of them.

This can come in the form of a gambler turned counselor, a 12 step sponsor, gambler turned life coach, or the like.

TIP #3:
There are things you can do everyday that help manage, weaken, and diminish your thoughts and urges to gamble. Begin to use them today.

Stopping Gambling is much like moving a piano.
Its best to ask for help when doing it.

Seek treatment, get 1 on 1 support, and learn to manage thoughts and urges, and you'll be well on your way to stopping gambling for good.

Author's Bio: 

Jason Coleman is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Former Compulsive Gambler.
He's helped many gamblers overcome gambling for good.
To learn more visit or email