With the holidays around the corner, the excitement level in children is high. Although this time of year is filled with many wonderful traditions, the holidays can also be a treacherous time. The emphasis on sitting and socializing, snacking on sweets, drinking sugary soft drinks, and eating big meals, can be a recipe for disaster for both children and adults, resulting in starting the new year with unwanted extra pounds.

The 3 Holiday Health Hazards to Avoid
• Consuming Empty Calories
• Over Eating
• Couch Potato Syndrome

The 3 Ways to Keep You and Your Children Healthy & Happy this Holiday Season!

1. Drink lots of water before loading up on sugar, sweets and treats. When you arrive at each holiday event or gathering, have everyone in the family drink one full glass of water. Everyone benefits from the intake of healthy fluids and water is one of the most important components to a healthy diet for children and adults. It is also important for children to see adults drinking water and to see good health habits modelled.

2. Before you arrive at a holiday event, discuss with your children "Safe Snacking". As a family, agree to the number of sweets and treats that both adults and children will eat at the event. Each individual member stays accountable to the rest of the family regarding the number of sweets and treats they eat. This will help everyone avoid overstuffing themselves.

3. Plan physical activities that you will do as a family, each day of the holidays. Be sure to plan physical activities that happen both indoors and outside. Indoor activities can be fun games like Twister, Simon Says, Yoga, Dancing, or Swimming. Outdoor activities allow you to benefit from the fresh air as you go for walks, hikes, skating and tobogganing.

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Janet Williams is a Certified Primary-Junior Teacher and Yoga Instructor. Janet’s new children’s yoga book “What I See, I Can Be” is focused on helping parents and teachers provide a safe, age appropriate and fun work out and is available at www.ChildrensYogaBooks.com

Janet’s diverse experiences have provided her with insights designed to teach and assist others in their exciting journey of self-discovery. Janet is the owner of Body Light™, which focuses on physical and mental wellness. The unique Body Light™ Wellness System utilizes the power of Yoga, Goal Setting, Healing and Self Discovery to promote health. To learn more go to www.BodyLightYoga.com

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