I have been a coach for some years now, and have mentored other coaches along the way. Just about everyday I talk with a coach who is on the verge of losing their business because they can’t seem to attract enough clients.

It breaks my heart because the world needs coaches. It needs you!

Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you would like to avoid their fate here are the 3 most catastrophic marketing mistakes coaches make and how YOU can avoid them.

1. Believing marketing is about explaining who you are and what you do

Marketing is not about you. Marketing is about your prospects.

You will be able to reach the people you want to work with by placing your focus on their pains and challenges, and the benefits they will get by working with you and not about you or your process.

2. Not having clarity and focus

You need to be crystal clear about your message, the value you offer, and who is already looking for that value.

Here you do have to do some introspection. This part is about you. But, once you have that clarity and focus it translates into the benefits your clients most desire and will receive from working with you. These benefits will help your prospects see possibilities. And we know they need to see possibilities before they will take action.

3. Fearing Marketing

This is a big one. Many coaches get that “icky” feeling when they think of sales and marketing.

Marketing doesn’t have to be “icky.” I believe you can effectively market while staying in integrity. You do this by adding value through your marketing. Give information away. Focus on how you can help others with every marketing activity you do. Not only will you feel better about marketing, but your attitude of generosity will naturally pull people to you.

No matter how long you have been a coach, marketing can seem scary and overwhelming. The good news: you can transform your marketing into yet another avenue to make a difference in the world and still be successful.

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Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas is a certified marketing and business coach who specializes in helping other certified coaches build their coaching empire. Interested in more tips to help you grow your business and market like an expert? Visit http://www.marketyourcoachingbusiness.com/Free-Stuff-.html for instant access to your own free Marketing Survival Guide.