“The 3 types of people and the role they play in our future”

When times get tough we tend to forget what makes the world go around. Financial collapse, big government control and collectivism, bailouts and an overall mood of apathy towards life is the recipe for disaster if we don’t wake up soon.
A simple truth and ideology is that it’s not government or collectivism that is the backbone of our society and it’s creations, but people, with their thoughts, ideas and creativity that drive our economy in good times and in bad. We must WAKE UP soon and realize there is not and never has been any “magic pill” that can change us back to a free republic now that the cartel based money manipulators have stolen the power and control, for now?
There are three types of people that we must dissect and discern with their actions and beliefs if we are to devise a plan of action moving forward in this paradigmatic shift in our society. You see, the inception of our government was built by the people and for the people not for government rule over the people. It was built on a check and balance system whereby no one person or entity created by the people could get too big in scope and coterie as to avoid greed, corruption and ultimate tyranny. Thomas Jefferson believed we must create a system whereby even the scoundrels can exist. In short, if the methods and practices and the roles of government are defined and implemented with a force and affect for the goodness of all man to create his or her own destiny, individualism will prevail over collectivism.
The first group of people are without a doubt the most problematic and dangerous to our recovery. This is the “don’t know what just happened and don’t care” conglomerate. They are comprised of couch potatoes, complainers of the status quo, existing in the life of reality TV and have the overall presence of a lawn chair. These people have succumb to the heat and force of the socioeconomic collapse and believe a bailout for their existence is eminent with a wait and see attitude. Their number one source of information and intellect is their local newspaper of which we all know is nothing but sensationalism and printed garbage to keep us in a mental state of fear. These people do not comprehend subject matter outside of their little circle of influences. Their main concerns are Obama’s next speech on the state of our economy (oh there’s a newsflash), health care reform (yah that will be solved soon), how their neighbors afforded that new RV sitting next door, and what on earth they will do for dinner? We could literally go from socialism to a complete martial law with a militia police rule and they would ask, “I wonder how this will affect us and our property tax?”
The second assemblage, while important in the sheer numbers they embody, are still a major thorn in the side of restoration projects of constitutional and free enterprise individualism. They are the avatar of the “herd mentality”, the followers to the degree to which they breathe. Their idea of an original thought is to use their DVR to record “The biggest loser” so they can watch “Dancing with the Stars” instead. We have to give them credit, they usually have a clue as to what is happening, but just don’t know why it’s happening or what caused it. They will always tune into the state of the union address, purchase the latest I Pod or buy a bigger motor home just to show up Bernie and Ethel across the street. They are your typical keeping up with the Jones’s mentality to keep step with perceived social status. They do however provide a crucial component to society and that is the ability to follow a movement so long as they do not have to sacrifice any self introspection or originality. Once they have done their individual due diligence to a new concept and are comfortable with the change agents methodologies they can provide the substance and brawn to carry out direct orders. For instance, if a group or organization comprised of innovative leaders began a movement to the masses to change a political ideal within their municipality they would certainly march to the same drum, stuff letters to their congressmen or watch a march on city hall on the television. You have got to solute that exuberance. Thanks to all who herd.
The third and most eccentric collection are the “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” wolverines. Their idea of reality TV is to create their own lynch mob and take out all forms of tyranny and “vote off” all forms of governmental collectivists. When they wake up in the morning, the first thing they turn on is not their TV but their laptop to see if anyone joined their “get me out of this madness” Face book group. This aggregation just has the mentality of organizing and implementing new concepts that will truly free the people and get us back to principles of free enterprise, exchange for value, tangible monetary policy backed by gold and silver, abolishment of the Federal Reserve System and an overall sense of free spirited network marketers to take advantage of internet commerce as the new gold rush that it is. They believe a JOB (J.ust O.ver B.roke) should be abolished and coaching and mentorship should prevail in free enterprise wealth creation in network marketing. All the wealth is already in existence it’s just in the methodology that we have put us into a debt based society. They know we have the power to change and regain our civil liberties and they are willing to do whatever it takes to be heard but not herd?
In order to survive and thrive in this new shift in our economy and intense isolationism bestowed upon on us by the cartel based manipulators, we must ban together and create more of the third group or we are in trouble. Oh and here is a little secret that may help us all no matter which group we fall into, whether they admit it or not, posse’s #1 and #2 are always aspiring to be in platoon #3. We can make it happen if we are willing to treat everyone equally to coach, educate and mentor them in a free society.

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Scott Lifer- Author, Speaker for Mega Information Era and creator of www.wakeupsense.com a personal and financial mentorship company.
Master Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur coach.