Wouldn’t you love to know what separates the winners from the losers in sales? Would you love to learn how to achieve the top sales in your profession? Well below are 4 simple secrets that can be the defining difference in your sales.

1. You’re Attitude. You may never have though about this but we actually contact more people through the phone than we do face to face. For this reason we need to be proactive in keeping our attitudes positive because we will without doubt run into resistance as people find it easier to say no when it is not face to face. From sales training I can see that what separates the winners from the losers is how they react differently to the rejection. I have met people who I know are no longer in sales now and the reason for that is because they think that they were rejected. Whereas the winners looked at the rejection and searched for what they could learn from it. The sales representatives that are successful on the phone are optimists rather than pessimists. Another trait I see in successful sales representatives is that they think bigger. They go for the bigger sale and bring it down slowly but surely if they did not accept the first offer. As Donald Trump said, “as long as your thinking anyway why not think big?”

2. Be people focused. Take for example you get a photograph taken, you ask to have a look and who do you look at first, yourself isn’t it? We all do it. Just like the person on the other end of the phone wants to know what is in it for them. Ask yourself who this person is? What do the want and need and how can I empower them to achieve it? I always tell my clients in sales training coursesthat the definition of selling is to help people buy.

3. Learn More. I doubt you have known of a doctor that said they went to college therefore they do not need continuous training or Tiger Woods saying he does not need any more practice or a an actor not researching their roles. Being in sales means that you need to learn more about the art and science of selling. People and attitudes are evolving continuously so it is your job to adapt with them to fulfil the best of your selling abilities.

4. Persistence and discipline. On sales training courses I pinpoint that organisation and being prepared is the key to success in wealth. However in order to be prepared you need the discipline and the drive for that discipline. The key to discipline is to organise a specific time that you will use for a certain call whether it’s the first call, follow up call or feedback calls. Discipline yourself to use a certain amount of time on proposals and paperwork.

Constantly remind yourself that if you are willing to give all or nothing then you will get everything in return. You are the one that is making the effort to improve their selling in order to create a better life for you and your family.

Author's Bio: 

Frank O`Toole has been in the business for countless years as many of you already know. Frank is a sought after trainer not only in sales training courses but in an abundance of other training areas such as Time Management Training and customer service training. Through Franks determination and continuos learning he has earned himself the top position in training courses throuout the UK.