Any businessperson understands that successfully marketing their business requires taking advantages of several different types of marketing. And in order to really take advantage of different types of marketing, we have to move beyond the traditional methods.

The most traditional method of promoting a business is through paid advertising – usually in print, television and online. However, there are many alternative ways of promoting your business that can be even more effective and cost less.

Press release marketing is one of these methods, and a very important one. A press release is a formal news document that highlights an aspect of your business – whether it’s a new product, a sponsored event, or any other information that you want publicized.

The press is then sent out to different media companies, who can choose to make it into a story.

What are the advantages of press release marketing?
• It’s free! You don’t have to pay a reporter to promote your business; they do all of the work for you.
• The journalist turns your event into a story – developing a whole new advertising strategy for you in the process.
• Credibility. Many consumers take advertisements with a grain of salt. A news story has much more credibility, meaning that your audience will take all the positives of your business at face value.
• Information: An ad needs to be catchy, quick and succinct. You want people to get the message loud and clear. A story needs to have lots of interesting details – which lets your potential customers get very familiar with the product or event you want to promote.

Why MMI?

Because it takes a professional press release service to break through the crowd. Press releases have a lot of advantages, which means a lot of people submit them. That makes it hard for a small or medium sized business to stand out from the rest.

That’s where MMI can help you. Our professional, experienced staff knows exactly how to get your business noticed by the press. Not only can we write the press release for you, our press release distribution service can ensure that your message gets out to as many media organizations as possible.

We’ll also make sure that your press release is at the top of every local journalist’s desk. We’ll write them, call them, and do anything it takes to get your story published.

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