Most individual’s worries about what life would be for them: “what would I be?”, “how much would I have?”, “where will I be?” “Who will I be with”? These are the W’s and the H of life that makes a person anxious and worried all the time, yet worry serves a very positive purpose in our life. It pushes us to focus to some unsettled trouble. Consequently, it averts us from becoming immature individuals. However, the problem is that worry is also the key sources of human melancholy. It deprives us of sleep and of the competence to be instinctively jovial. It creates grave and burdens to our life. Simple doubts may lead to grave anxiety.

Let us consider the following factors that contribute to worry.

1. Fright (Fear) – the source of worry. It builds worry unlikable. If fear is not present then it is uneasiness rather than a worry.

2. Intolerable way of life– When there are ambiguous priorities and values, then the individual will frequently comes across impasse in his judgment. The individual becomes reluctant to let go of non- feasible choices.

3. Futile way of solving problem – There is insufficient of accuracy as to what is the best technique in managing with a problem. The wits tend to be disenchanted with what is being done about it.

Managing Worry

Find out the steps to get rid of the trouble of worrying:

1. Simplify the point of worry – When we are uncertain as to the precise cause or root of the problem, it would be difficult to find a solution for it. Don’t confuse the terms anxiety and worry, there is a clear distinction of these two words; Anxiety is an indistinguishable feeling, while a worry is detailed. Consequently, if a person feels anxiety, there is a must to find the origin of anxiety. When it becomes obvious, then it is transformed to worry, which can then be solved.

2. Come up with on choices of possible solutions – Brainstorming is an ingenious method that permits all ideas to be advanced. No propositions are discarded, even the peculiar or outrageous ones. Actually senseless thoughts may give indication that may direct to unusual but helpful way out. Brainstorming will give good result when it is done with other people, who will be able to present approaches or perspective that others may have not seen. “Two heads is better than one”.

3. Sort workable options –select the ones that are most viable after brainstorming. Create one or five possible lines of action.

• Set time limit on each – create target dates for the actions of these doable procedures.
• Carry out your most excellent to complete the preferred procedures – Your intuitive must be persuaded that you are doing your best point. Only then will it die down to worry.
• Subsequent to having completed your most excellent, acknowledge the cost, whatever they are. Be tough to accept the payback and look ahead for the betterment. You can’t be a better person even if the world will fall to pieces.
How to get rid of worry

As vital as managing worry is the capability to prevent worry. It is a predicament that frequently comes from the accumulation of responsibilities that have not been accurately focus to and determined.

1. Keep away from doing acts that go not in favor of your values or standards. Deceitful ways will get their payback later, resulting in worry and grief. As a result, when you cheat, you worry about being revealed.
2. List down what are your priorities in life. Give ample time to each one.
3. Mark goals and accomplishment programs for long, medium and short terms.
4. Maintain a daily Things-To-Do list
5. Make a habit to check your list daily and exert your best to complete them, especially the unlikable ones. You will come across ample of spare time for the day when you have first carefully attended to your Things-To-Do list.
6. Once you have done your best, acknowledge slips and the cost of your choice.

Don’t let worry ruin your day! Be cautious to give importance to simple little things that may lead to an anxiety- full world.

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